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Why Hire Janitorial Services?

Businesses in the United States prefer to outsource janitorial services for various reasons. Read on to know why businesses deem it better to entrust third party services with their cleaning tasks rather than hiring someone internally.

For your line of business, you need to maintain top cleanliness standards. Ultimately, what you'll need to decide is whether to hire an in-house janitorial staff or outsource the job. Most businesses prefer outsourcing the task, for worthwhile reasons.

* Once you outsource the work, the cleaning contractor is responsible for it. You relieve yourselves of the daily administration of the cleaning staff, which is quite a hassling task for anyone not used to it. The outsourced supervisor will take care of all related tasks while you focus on your core job. While you are busy looking after your own work, they will make sure that your office looks its best.

* The staff of commercial janitorial services is professionals who know their job well. Once you hire them, you can just forget about the entire process -- trusting them to deliver excellent services. You need not trouble yourselves with the daily chores of the job.

* Janitorial services are well equipped with the equipment they need for performing their services to perfection. Their staff members are trained to use the equipment for the best possible result. One needs to organize periodic training sessions to keep the staff updated about the use of the latest equipment and new procedures. When you outsource, these training sessions become the duty of the contractor.

* You won't need to deal with issues such as sick days, compensation claims and other issues with an outsourced cleaning provider. When it comes to cleaning services, such issues are important, as an absence of janitorial staff would leave your office in bad shape. Contracting the job, you can save yourself the trouble.

* You eliminate a chunk of your operational costs outsourcing janitorial solutions to a self-managed group. Maintaining regular staff for janitorial staff means bigger payroll checks. You also need to invest in buying cleaning equipment and chemicals, which are expensive. It makes better business sense to outsource the job and let the contractor handle the additional costs. In a tight economy, every dollar is important; it makes sense to save a few dollars if you can.

* Professional janitorial companies are always at the forefront of technological advancements in their industry. Hiring a reputed cleaning facility service provider, you receive a high level of services at a lower cost. By working with expert level janitorial services, you will get a deep clean that you might not be able to get from in-house resources.

* Working with an outsourced cleaning provider, you ensure a sanitary and healthy working environment for your staff. The cleanliness of a workplace is important, as it is important to provide an environment that allows the best from workers and employees.

* Scalability is another key benefit of outsourcing. A business is able to adjust the level of staffing on an as-needed basis. This helps them adjust to changing requirements and control operating costs.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking!

The kitchen is an MIA (Most Important Area) for me. I spend quite a bit of time each day in the kitchen preparing food (and smoothies!) os keeping the kitchen clean is an important part of my daily cleaning routine. So, in this video, I give you 5 tips to help keep the kitchen clean while you're cooking!

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What Makes a Great Janitorial Services Company?

Some Janitorial service companies have specific qualities and services they offer to please their customers; most however, are consistent across various industries and are not necessarily specific to an industry.

When a customer is attempting to find a great janitorial services company, they need to look for a few specific attributes before they pick one. Let's take a look at those very attributes, you may want to consider as well:


More often than not, a new customer is referred in by a friend, a business associate or an acquaintance instead of someone just coming in off the street. A company brand or reputation is perhaps one of the most vital components for a business to grow, especially if it's in the service industry such as janitorial services. This is why it's important to please current clients who can go a long way in upholding a company's reputation. Reputation takes a really long time to build, and it alone can actually bring in new prospects.


In the last few years, consumers have become extremely price sensitive, especially when it comes to new purchases. People tend to examine and experiment with various vendors instead of going with the first one they meet. Market research on janitorial services companies is a must, since it allows you to compare prices and cleaning services-to say ahead of the competition you need to know what's happening in the cleaning industry because the market is always changing based on demand and supply.


Another important aspect of a great janitorial services company is "value". Do current customers value the service? In general, relative to the price is the service that's being provided valuable to the marketplace? Again, as a consumer you need to ask yourself these questions when you're picking a janitorial company.

It's as simple as offering a specific type of cleaning that competitors do not offer, or maybe it's a special online billing program to offer clients; regardless of what the value is, make sure the value can be easily identified by the company and the customers.

Living up to the Promise

Every business contract that's made is a promise. It's a promise to provide specific types of janitorial services and do it to the best of the company's ability. If that promise is upheld then you as a client will undoubtedly be satisfied and will continue to do business with that company.

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How to Clean a Stove | Joey Kola | Martha Stewart

Martha and Joey Kola, stand-up artiste, show how to properly clean a stove, one of the essential how-tos in Martha's "20 More Things Everyone Should Know" series.

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Office Building Cleaning Service - Let the Professionals Tidy Up Your Office

You likely spend a lot of time in your office, as do your employees. In fact, your building might even be open to the public. If you want to present your company as best as possible, the first step is keeping it clean. First impressions are everything, and keeping the area clean can impress your clients, make your employees feel comfortable, and keep the building safe for everyone who passes through. If you do not have time for constant upkeep, an office cleaning service can help by offering several common maintenance options.

The floors of any building are often the first to get dirty. There are often crumbs, dirt, dust, and paper scraps, to name a few. A professional office cleaning service typically offers extensive floor upkeep. This can include sweeping and mopping tile or hardwood floors, and vacuuming carpet. If you want your floors to shine, you can also opt to have them waxed.

Most offices have a lot of furniture in them. This could include desks, couches, chairs, and tables. Keep them spotless and impressive by having your selected office cleaning service dust and polish the furniture when needed.

Window washing can be difficult to do if your building is high and you do not have the right tools. Let the professionals clean windows that are high up or have stubborn stains on them. Presenting your company's best face is easy when you have gleaming, clear windows.

Taking out the trash may be simple, but it is something that needs to be done daily. You probably do not have the time to do it, and most employees likely balk at the idea of doing it themselves when they have other work to do. Any reputable company that specializes in tidying up offices can do this task daily.

If your place of work has its own bathroom, keeping it sanitary is important. Any room that gets used often by a number of people should be as hygienic as possible. Most professional companies that clean can include this chore in their daily visit to your building.

General upkeep is often forgotten about. You might perform spring cleaning at home, but at the office, most people let grime and dirt build up over the years. Neglected areas often include baseboards, window sills, and light switches. Hiring someone to occasionally wipe down these areas can keep your workspace spick and span.

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6 DECLUTTERING SECRETS for a Cleaner Home!

Decluttering is a tough task to stay on top of at the best of times—and if you're just getting started, it can be really overwhelming. Here are 6 decluttering tips that will help you fend off the anxiety and overwhelm, and get you on track to a cleaner more clutter-free life.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Janitorial Services From an Office Cleaning Company

Whether your company provides products or services, outsourcing janitorial services is a strategic business decision. Instead of hiring employees to clean your office, outsourcing the services gives more benefits to the growth of your company. Outsourced services help your company save time, money and resources, enabling your employees to concentrate on their competencies as well as mission-critical objectives. Additionally, outsourcing janitorial services from an office cleaning company gives you peace of mind, comfort and cleanliness at a level of professionals.

Why Should You Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

There are many benefits of using outsourced janitorial services:

#1. Cleanliness at a professional level

An office cleaning company has a great concern on providing a clean and healthy environment at a level of professionals. The company has their professional standard in cleaning methods, procedure, products and equipment. Additionally, the company trains all of their employees, equipping them with sufficient knowledge and skills before dispatching them for their customers' offices. As one of their customers, you are saved from the stress of managing additional staff.

#2. Healthy workplace

People are moving in and out of your office the whole day. Germs and bacteria are all around the office environment. Pollutants contaminate the air and make a bad quality of the air in the office. If not deep-cleaned, the dirty, polluted office can increase the number of employees getting sick. Otherwise, a healthy environment an office cleaning company creates gives physical and emotional health to the employees. Healthy employees are more productive than the sick ones.

#3. Environmental Awareness

Through its regulations and policies, the government pushes companies of all sectors to be committed to the environment. Hiring outsourced janitorial services is a stress-free choice of saving the earth without the stress of selecting eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Most office cleaning services only use sustainable systems, and eco-friendly products and equipment. Besides, with proper use of the systems, products and equipment, the cleaning process is more effective and efficient.

#4. Expertise

An office cleaning company is a highly specialized company. All of the staff, cleaners and supervisors have the expertise and experience to do the cleaning based on your company's needs. Equipped with the latest technology in the janitorial industry, the company promises you effective and efficient cleaning that is worth the money.

#5. Good first impression

Your building reflects your company's value in front of your company's partners, customers and employees. It is wise to pay attention to the building's appearance in order to create a good first impression to the visitors. Whether your office building is a modern or contemporary, it will feel hospitable if properly cleaned and maintained.

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Janitorial Services Give You More Time to Work With Customers

Never in history has there been a more complex, uncertain time to own and operate a business. Every day, technology opens up new venues for business to explore. To stay competitive, business owners must always be vigilant, pursuing the newest and most effective ways to operate their businesses.

Customers have come to expect, knowledgeable, qualified, passionate employees, no matter the business. With all of this attention that must be paid to the day to day operations of the business, one must ask: do I really have time to worry about the cleanliness and appearance of the office.

Obviously, how the office space looks is crucial to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for customers. But do your employees really have the time to deal with the time consuming process of keeping an office or industrial space clean? In order to give your employees more time to work with customers, perhaps you should consider using a professional janitorial service to clean and maintain your office space.

Trained janitorial service companies have a number of benefits. First and foremost, the time that they spend cleaning your office is time saved for your employees to focus on their work. While janitorial services are an additional expense, the amount of employee time saved can more than make up for the additional cost.

Secondly, janitorial experts may be able to deal with cleaning matters specific to your type of business. For instance, medical practices may have biological or chemical waste and spills that an accountant's office may not. Experienced cleaning services may be able to deal with your businesses specific needs, following all state and federal guidelines for disposing of waste safely and legally.

Furthermore, janitorial services offer many types of cleaning that your employees may not be able or willing to perform. Using complex industrial solvents and equipments, these trained professionals can offer a comprehensive, deep cleaning of your office space.

While your employees may be able to recognize the bigger messes, they might be unable to spot the deep down stains and messes. These hidden messes can create foul odors and potential even environmental hazards such as molds and fungi.

Today, many janitorial services use what are commonly referred to as 'green' chemicals and technologies. Using chemicals and equipment that offer a comprehensive clean while doing no harm to the surrounding environment may be an attractive selling point for your business.

In concert with other green initiatives, you may be able to market your business as a 'green friendly' workplace, which will in turn benefit your business by attracting new, Earth conscious customers. Once again, a little extra expense may end up making you a great deal of money done the road, all while saving the planet.

To find a janitorial service that fits your businesses needs, talk to your friends and peers in business. Taking their recommendations into account, go online and research different options that suit your specific businesses needs.

Find the janitorial service that seems to fit your needs, and ask them any questions specific to your business. At the end of the day, you'll be glad you decided to let your employees do their job and left cleaning to the professionals.

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What to Find Out About When Hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Service

Hiring a janitorial service that is not legally licensed to work can cause several problems. One such problem is if their employees get injured while working on your property. The owner of the company could then hold you responsible.

If the janitor service is insured, there is usually not any problem. But otherwise, the injured person may expect you to foot the medical bills.

You may think that to have a good relationship with your janitor service that it is important to trust them. However, you need to be wary because even the best most open relationships change when injury and a lot of money is involved. The may have a different attitude toward you if they don't have the money to pay for medical care.

If the janitorial cleaning service has their own insurance (which they can only get if they are properly licensed and a legal company) they will have that to take care of them. Now, rather than going to your business trying to get you or your insurance to pay, they will only be requiring some sort of a statement from you to take to their insurance provider.

Most areas around the country consider the property owner liable for any person invited onto their property. This means that if the janitor service were to take you to court, you would be held liable to pay for medical care for the hurt individual.

The best plan is not to take any risks. Be sure the janitorial service you are looking to hire has proper and adequate bonding and insurance and that they are properly licenses. Also, be sure to put in the contract who is responsible for payment in case of accident or injury.

Another important reason to make sure the janitor service company you hire is legitimate is to ensure that you can deduct the cost of their service on your taxes. If they are not a legal company, you may run into trouble trying to claim that as an expense if you get audited. Every business must at minimum have a state license, and usually they have to be licensed in the city and sometimes county they will be working in as well. If the janitorial cleaning service doesn't have a license from the state, they are probably not a legal company & don't have proper bonding and insurance either. It only takes a few minutes on the phone or internet to verify the company. It is to your advantage to make this a top priority.

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