Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

May you have an abundant and amazing New Year ahead of you and may all your dreams come true. 
Have a fantastic New Year!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


If you can master these 7 laundry habits you can cut the time it takes to do laundry, and pretty much avoid a dedicated laundry day.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

May songs of joy fill your home with warmth and your heart with happiness this holiday season

Friday, December 22, 2017

Six Simple Reasons You Should Outsource Your Janitorial to an Office Cleaning Company

Outsourced janitorial services help create a clean and healthy environment for everyone in an office. With the expertise and experience of hired staff from a cleaning company, your company can create a good first impression to the visitors and implement a "go-green" concept to the company's value.

Here are more benefits of the services:

1. Peace of mind

Trusting the cleaning to an office cleaning company gives peace of mind to everyone in the office. Your employees do not have to leave their job tasks every once in awhile to do the shared janitorial work. The employees will have their full time and energy to do the tasks they are competent in only. It increases the employees' productivity and creativity.

2. Goal-oriented

Having the cleaning done by the professionals will help you stay concentrated on your goal. As an employer, you can use your time completing your duties and thinking of innovative business strategies for the company's growth.

3. Specialized services for excellent results

Even in an office cleaning company, there is a wide range of janitorial services. Each service has its strength in a particular area of cleaning. With this specialty, it is easy to just use one or more services that your company is in need of. Additionally, this specialization promises your company excellent results compared to the regular cleaning.

4. Scalability/flexibility

When outsourcing janitorial services from an office cleaning service, you can adjust the level of staffing for operations on an as-needed basis. Indirectly, you can control the cost and adjust for changes in service requirements and frequency, staffing and scheduling. Additionally, you can also customize a unique cleaning plan for your company on any occasion.

5. Availability of staff

With outsourced cleaning services, you are free from the issue of holidays or leave of absences. Hiring an office cleaning company means that your company will never lack of staff to do the cleaning anytime your company needs.

6. Money saving

Cleaning services prices are quite affordable so the services help you save money on management, employment, training, uniforms, inventory, equipment and other related expenses. So, you can spend the money only for something your company really needs. You also save money on payroll tax, salary and benefits (insurance, sick pay, vacation, etc). The money saved from the unnecessary expenses can be allocated to your core business at a higher rate of return. It can boost the growth of your business and promise you a brighter future for your company.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to Clean Your Home for the Holidays - Clean with Me

Here are a few tips and ideas to quickly speed clean and organize your home for the holidays! Watch as I go through my Christmas Cleaning routine and share with you some little things I do to be get prepared for Christmas.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How Professional Office Cleaning Can Save You Money

When some companies consider having professional office cleaning, they often find themselves worrying about how to shoulder the "extra costs". However, rather than costing more money in the long run, having your office cleaned by professionals can actually help to save money for your company instead, and here is why.

It is a well-known fact that people are more productive and work more efficiently in an environment that they feel more comfortable in. Although there are lots of different things that you can do to make your office space more comfortable, one of the simplest things that you can do it to ensure that your office is clean and tidy. If you want to make sure that your office is up to scratch, you may want to consider hiring a professional office cleaning service to do the work for you.

Even though a clean environment will help to improve the productivity of your workers, constantly nagging them to tidy up after themselves can be counter-productive, especially if this is not part of their regular job description. In fact, if they have not been trained to clean things to a professional standard, they can actually end up spending much longer doing cleaning than they should. This is another reason why choosing a professional office cleaning service is one of the best things that you can choose to arrange for your office. Using a professional service will allow your workers to spend more of their time on the roles that you have actually employed them to do.

Keeping your office or workplace clean and tidy is also one of the best ways to ensure that you do not lose or damage important documents or resources. In an untidy office space, or in a place where there has been spillages or other mess, time and resources can be wasted very easily if things get damaged or lost. For example, if chemical spills are left and are not cleaned up, they can irreversibly damage items that they come in contact with, meaning that your resources are wasted. Regular office cleaning can help to prevent these problems from occurring. By spending a small amount of money on having your office professionally cleaned, you can actually save money by not wasting other resources. All in all, arranging professional office cleaning can actually help to save you money in the long run, by making sure that you get the most out of your workers and your resources.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

HomeAdvisor: Move Out Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Are you moving houses or apartments in the upcoming months? If so, we have 4 hacks to round out your move out cleaning checklist and keep that cleaning fee in your pocket.

1) Spackle any holes you may leave
2) Clean grimy tiles with a magic eraser and/or 1:1 bleach/water spray.
3) Use toothpaste and a sponge to remove stains and marks on the wall.
4) Use baking soda, water, and vinegar to remove carpet stains.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Janitorial Services for Offices and Commercial Properties

Maintaining a clean and sanitized office or commercial property is essential for creating a pleasing and safe environment for your employees and customers. A commercial cleaning company provides janitorial services that are targeted to address the specific needs of your facility. Consistent and professional cleaning ensures that your place of business will impress your clients while protecting your investment.

Janitorial services include much more than simply cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. There are a myriad of services that must be completed to keep your facility in top order. You want to find a commercial cleaning company that offers a wide selection of customized services that take into account environmental concerns as well as total cleaning of your building.

One of the most important areas that your cleaning company should target is the flooring of your facility. It is often one of the largest areas and biggest investments in your property. Whether you have hardwoods, carpet, tile, linoleum, or any other type of flooring, it needs to be well maintained to keep it looking its best and preventing damage. Outsourcing your floor cleaning to a commercial cleaning company ensures that it will receive proper care and attention from knowledgeable professionals.

A commercial cleaning company should provide a wide variety of janitorial services designed to keep your office or commercial property clean and sanitized. Some services like cleaning restrooms, emptying trash, mopping floors, and other routine tasks need to be performed each time your building is cleaned. Other specialized services, like landscaping, window washing, and pressure washing may only need to be done periodically to improve and maintain your property. A professional cleaning company will be able to make recommendations for services based on the individual needs of your facility.

For the health of your facility and the safety of your employees and clients, consider working with a commercial cleaning company the employs green cleaning practices. Green cleaning includes the use of products and equipment that have a limited impact on the air quality and health of your facility. Traditional cleaners that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) can negatively impact the air quality of your building and can cause short-and long-term health effects.

When choosing a janitorial service provider, be sure to work with a company that hires well-trained professionals who are bonded and insured. You should outsource your commercial cleaning to a well-qualified company that offers the customer service you require. Be sure to choose a company that is knowledgeable of the specific needs of your property and is willing to customize services to meet your financial demands as well.

Just like people, each office building and commercial property is unique. There is not a specific set of services that works for all properties. This is why you should find a commercial cleaning company that offers customized janitorial services targeted to address the specific needs of your facility while staying within your allowed budget. With routine cleaning as well as specialized services, your building will be clean and welcoming to all who work there and visit.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Janitorial Services From an Office Cleaning Company

Whether your company provides products or services, outsourcing janitorial services is a strategic business decision. Instead of hiring employees to clean your office, outsourcing the services gives more benefits to the growth of your company. Outsourced services help your company save time, money and resources, enabling your employees to concentrate on their competencies as well as mission-critical objectives. Additionally, outsourcing janitorial services from an office cleaning company gives you peace of mind, comfort and cleanliness at a level of professionals.

Why Should You Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

There are many benefits of using outsourced janitorial services:

#1. Cleanliness at a professional level

An office cleaning company has a great concern on providing a clean and healthy environment at a level of professionals. The company has their professional standard in cleaning methods, procedure, products and equipment. Additionally, the company trains all of their employees, equipping them with sufficient knowledge and skills before dispatching them for their customers' offices. As one of their customers, you are saved from the stress of managing additional staff.

#2. Healthy workplace

People are moving in and out of your office the whole day. Germs and bacteria are all around the office environment. Pollutants contaminate the air and make a bad quality of the air in the office. If not deep-cleaned, the dirty, polluted office can increase the number of employees getting sick. Otherwise, a healthy environment an office cleaning company creates gives physical and emotional health to the employees. Healthy employees are more productive than the sick ones.

#3. Environmental Awareness

Through its regulations and policies, the government pushes companies of all sectors to be committed to the environment. Hiring outsourced janitorial services is a stress-free choice of saving the earth without the stress of selecting eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Most office cleaning services only use sustainable systems, and eco-friendly products and equipment. Besides, with proper use of the systems, products and equipment, the cleaning process is more effective and efficient.

#4. Expertise

An office cleaning company is a highly specialized company. All of the staff, cleaners and supervisors have the expertise and experience to do the cleaning based on your company's needs. Equipped with the latest technology in the janitorial industry, the company promises you effective and efficient cleaning that is worth the money.

#5. Good first impression

Your building reflects your company's value in front of your company's partners, customers and employees. It is wise to pay attention to the building's appearance in order to create a good first impression to the visitors. Whether your office building is a modern or contemporary, it will feel hospitable if properly cleaned and maintained.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Take Your Business Up a Notch by Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

When you bring new clients into your business establishment, you want them to walk away knowing they're in competent, professional hands. To achieve the level of cleanliness and organization needed to create a lasting impression, it's best to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. Here are some reasons to hire an office cleaning service for your business, followed by some pointers on what to look for when choosing between companies.

Why a Clean Office Is Important

The first reason is the impression it will make on your clients. Unfortunately, humans do tend to judge books by their covers and-unfair though it may be in some cases-a messy, disorganized workspace can create an air of incompetence that will drive potential customers away. A tidy, sanitary office building will get you and your employees the respect you deserve and increase the odds that clients will refer you to their friends.

Another great reason for hiring an office cleaning service is reduced stress for your employees. Knowing that they have to break away from their primary tasks to help clean the office is an added burden on their minds that also results in reduced cost-efficiency for you, the employer. Presumably, employees have been hired for their skill set in their primary workplace duties, and paying them to perform janitorial duties as well takes away from the time you could be paying them to do other tasks to which they are more suited.

On the flip side, a good cleaning service hires dedicated professionals who will be able to complete the same cleaning tasks as your employees in much less time, getting you the most bang for your buck.

The last and most important reason is to cultivate a healthy working environment. A sanitary, largely germ-free environment results in happier, healthier clients and employees. It will be less troublesome to asthmatics, and there will be fewer instances of workers calling in sick. This will result in greater efficiency for the employer as well.

What to Look For

Not every office cleaning company is created equal, and it's important to make sure you find one that offers everything your company needs to convey a professional, organized atmosphere.

The basics-dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting with antibacterial spray-are a must. A good company knows how to properly clean and maintain all floors, whether they are carpeted or not. Disinfecting the workspace will reduce germs and therefore sickness.

Bathrooms need particular care as well. Toilets and sinks are repositories for standing water and thus require extra scrubbing and disinfecting. Mirrors require cleaning, and trash must be put in bins and taken outside. There's nothing less appealing than a gross bathroom.

The ideal cleaning business to hire will also get into the nitty-gritty. Oft-neglected surfaces like mantels, doorknobs, light switches, baseboards, and windowpanes should be properly polished and disinfected, not to mention ceiling fans and air vents.

All these little things add up, and hiring an office cleaning service will help you keep your space safe and pleasant for employees while conveying the professionalism you deserve.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Things You Will Benefit From Cleaning Service Companies

Cleanliness should be a top priority at home and in the workplace. This helps improve the quality of life we have and the way we think in our everyday tasks. Your tasks can get easily done with the help of a spotless and organized surrounding because it helps you perform smoothly and appropriately. You also give yourself a favor of inhaling clean air since your surroundings are free from dust, dirt, bacteria and pollutants that can bring harm to your health. With a well-cleaned environment, everyone is safe, comfortable and productive.

However, making sure your spaces are truly spic and span for a long period of time will require an incredible amount of energy and money. For busy households and businesses, DIY cleaning can actually lead to loss of valuable time and profit. That's why many people today simply call up companies specializing in cleaning services - for fast, quality and hassle-free cleaning at home and in the office.

You will definitely need help in home cleanup. You know that cleaning a home, particularly if you have small children present, can require an endless process. No matter how you try to keep up, there always seems to be another mess that needs attention. Getting help from professional cleaners takes care of the cleaning chores in a more systematic way. They have the right equipment and methodology to ensure your home will be the haven that you deserve.

A clean, well-maintained office or commercial space is key to a professional and reliable business image. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide safe and healthy premises for your team. When your facilities are in order, you are able to present a good impression to clients and customers. Presentable workspaces similarly improve the morale of the workforce. Employees are more inspired to work and be productive.

When you're planning for and hosting a special occasion, effective delegation is a must. And the last thing you'll want to get your hands into is the grand cleanup before and after the party. Cleaning companies will not only ensure the venue will be sparkling clean for you and your guests. They can also be hired to help in your various pre-party preparations such as cooking and serving. Of course, you can also make arrangements for professional cleaning after the celebrations.

Hiring a cleaning service helps you save time, money and energy. It makes your home, office or shop healthier places to be in. It saves you from the stress of complicated cleaning chores. For cleaning done right, call your trusted cleaning company.

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