Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Janitorial Service and Your Business

Janitors, when people think of them, we tend to think of the wisecracking janitor that worked in our high school or middle school. Although there is nothing wrong with a joke telling janitor, these days a janitorial service provides more than just good humor. They are also providing good cleaning for your business.

Many companies across the country have made the decision to hire a regular janitor for their cleaning needs. These companies have found that regular cleaning saves the company money, as opposed to hiring a one-time cleaning company. There are many schools of thought on the benefits of the janitorial service and what it can do for your business.

In some ways, a janitor is similar to a commercial cleaning company. Both companies are outside of the payroll and staffed business that they are cleaning. These companies tend to provide regular cleaning. They operate during regular business hours and doing a majority of their cleaning directly after business hours are over. A commercial cleaning company is generally thought of as an evening and weekend project hire. These companies come in to assist in big clean-up projects.

If you are looking for regular cleaning for your business or office building, consider hiring a janitorial service. These companies specialize in maintaining a clean environment for your business. They can cater to any work place and space. Janitors are comfortable dealing with any type of cleaning situation, large or small. They will also be able to cater to small and large businesses. Check with them during your initial phone conversation to see if your business is the right fit.

Janitorial service companies will also be able to bring their own equipment to the job site to save you from having to rent or purchase your won equipment. Floor buffers and waxing machines, vacuum cleaners and other specialty cleaning devices fall into this category. You may find that owning those cleaning devices will make your overall cost cheaper. Discuss this with the company when you get an estimate.

When hiring a janitor, try to find recommendations from other businesses, companies and employees. It is possible that one of your employees has connections to a janitor and could help secure cleaning for your business. Most likely you will find a recommendation or a referral from another business in the area. Make sure that it is a positive recommendation and that they have been completely happy with the cleaning provided to their business.

During your first conversation with the potential cleaning company, ask them about their licenses and insurance. You want to make sure you are dealing with a company that treats its employees well and has met all the business registration requirements for your city and state. Ask them what equipment they own and are willing to use at your business. Finally, check to see if they will come into your place of business for an estimate. You want an idea of the cost before signing any contracts.

Hiring a janitorial service does not have to be a difficult decision. Do a little research to find the right cleaning company for your business.

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