Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tips For Choosing A Reliable Janitorial Service

Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, the need for cleaning services is the same. Making sure your employees have time to focus on their work instead of sweeping and other cleaning tasks is important to your profits. Learn more about how to choose the best cleaning and janitorial service.

Learn more about the track record a company has by checking their references. Today, looking at customer satisfaction related to a particular company is as easy as visiting their website. Many customer testimonials are generally posted on these sites for helping you make a good choice.

Many business owners are making greener choices in their manufacturing processes. Consider as well the janitorial services using green products for cleaning. This can be fruitful for both the cleaning crew and your employees. Many products used traditionally contain chemicals that leave harmful residues. By choosing a crew using all natural products, you get the safest kind of clean.

Your needs should be the first consideration of the company you are considering for hire. You may need carpets and windows cleaned during an initial visit. Learning more about the standard fees for each task is important to save money. The last thing any business owner wants is unexpected fees for cleaning services.

Look for the company that offers a written guarantee for their work. You should also keep in mind the estimates given for your services over the phone. Be sure to only choose a company that sends someone out to look at your office or warehouse before setting a price. You can also avoid hidden fees by making price negotiations in person. The trained expert can look at your space and make a better, more informed price quote.

An industrial cleaning service should offer a wide variety of services. One quote for a larger building should include the charges for restrooms and cafeterias as well. You may have parts of your business under construction. The cleaning company you hire might also offer services for these areas. Making sure about all the services offered is the best way to get all your needs taken care of with one price.

Your employees can enjoy the greatest benefit of you hiring a qualified, expert janitorial service. Employees working in a clean and organized area are the ones that work more productively. For this reason, you might also think about opting into a cleaning maintenance contract with your cleaning service professionals.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Janitorial Service and Your Business

Janitors, when people think of them, we tend to think of the wisecracking janitor that worked in our high school or middle school. Although there is nothing wrong with a joke telling janitor, these days a janitorial service provides more than just good humor. They are also providing good cleaning for your business.

Many companies across the country have made the decision to hire a regular janitor for their cleaning needs. These companies have found that regular cleaning saves the company money, as opposed to hiring a one-time cleaning company. There are many schools of thought on the benefits of the janitorial service and what it can do for your business.

In some ways, a janitor is similar to a commercial cleaning company. Both companies are outside of the payroll and staffed business that they are cleaning. These companies tend to provide regular cleaning. They operate during regular business hours and doing a majority of their cleaning directly after business hours are over. A commercial cleaning company is generally thought of as an evening and weekend project hire. These companies come in to assist in big clean-up projects.

If you are looking for regular cleaning for your business or office building, consider hiring a janitorial service. These companies specialize in maintaining a clean environment for your business. They can cater to any work place and space. Janitors are comfortable dealing with any type of cleaning situation, large or small. They will also be able to cater to small and large businesses. Check with them during your initial phone conversation to see if your business is the right fit.

Janitorial service companies will also be able to bring their own equipment to the job site to save you from having to rent or purchase your won equipment. Floor buffers and waxing machines, vacuum cleaners and other specialty cleaning devices fall into this category. You may find that owning those cleaning devices will make your overall cost cheaper. Discuss this with the company when you get an estimate.

When hiring a janitor, try to find recommendations from other businesses, companies and employees. It is possible that one of your employees has connections to a janitor and could help secure cleaning for your business. Most likely you will find a recommendation or a referral from another business in the area. Make sure that it is a positive recommendation and that they have been completely happy with the cleaning provided to their business.

During your first conversation with the potential cleaning company, ask them about their licenses and insurance. You want to make sure you are dealing with a company that treats its employees well and has met all the business registration requirements for your city and state. Ask them what equipment they own and are willing to use at your business. Finally, check to see if they will come into your place of business for an estimate. You want an idea of the cost before signing any contracts.

Hiring a janitorial service does not have to be a difficult decision. Do a little research to find the right cleaning company for your business.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Clean a Microwave | Joey Kola | Martha Stewart

Martha and Joey Kola, stand-up artiste, demonstrate how to clean a microwave, one of the essential how-tos in Martha's "20 More Things Everyone Should Know" series.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Should Your Facility Contract-Out or Provide In-House Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services?

The bottom line of every efficient business should be how to maximize its profits in a manner that leads to the greatest potential future profitability. As a result, companies are always looking to alter their janitorial programs in such a way to minimize their expenses to boost their bottom line, while maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness. The following article will help shed light on the dirty business of deciding whether to contract out the cleaning services, or to take care of them in-house.

Does the Bottom Line Always Make Cents?

There are many hundreds of factors to consider when weighing how a company ought to best handle its' janitorial services. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we'll examine the large factors that most businesses need to consider for their janitorial programs.

Managing Your Options

The first question to consider is: Which member of your business will manage the janitorial program? If you do not have somebody within your company that is both readily equipped to manage all of the janitorial services and personnel AND still perform all of their other duties, then your company will have to take on a considerable additional expense to provide In-House Management. Professional cleaning companies already have management in place to handle services, personnel and any emergency issues that may arise at a moments notice. While it may certainly be cheaper to employ your own entry-level staff, a few extra costs come associated with that; training costs, hiring/firing costs and the previously mentioned management costs. These added together could already result in a company having higher costs than hiring a specialized janitorial service.

Additional considerations come with purchasing the proper equipment and chemicals necessary to carryout the work. While janitorial companies do factor in some amount of equipment and chemical usage, it is often much lower since they purchase their items in larger quantities and can easily transfer it to another facility if necessary.

It's None of Your Business

Often times companies go into business with the intent of selling certain goods or services as a means to generate sufficient revenue. What usually happens, however, is business owners and members of management end up spending large resources, staffing and time carrying out miscellaneous functions that are necessary to run the day-to-day activities of a business. This takes away from time and energy that could be spent growing your actual business. The companies that are most successful and are able to continue growing at rapid rates are generally those who focus all or most of their resources and energy on exactly what their business is supposed to do. An article from goes further into how a business should evaluate what other processes should be considered for outsourcing.

Do What you Know, and Let the Rest Go

The final test is to contact some local janitorial service companies and ask them about how they can help your business grow. Be specific on not only what services you would like but also what type of budget your are looking to stay within. Companies are often hesitant to give out budget information, but by discussing it with a trusted cleaning professional, they can work out a janitorial program that best accommodates both your budget and facility needs. A trusted professional will take the worry of cleaning off your plate, so your business can focus on what it does best.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Clean the Stovetop - Martha Stewart

Spills and splashes from cooking on your stovetop can get messy. These great tips can get the stovetop looking as good as new

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Commercial Cleaning Services Helping Your Business

Undoubtedly your business's floors and bathrooms need to be clean. They are high traffic areas in all businesses, no matter what your industry might be. A commercial cleaning company might be just what you need to operate safely and efficiently. Everyday janitorial tasks simply must be performed. That is what leads business owners to decide on how to handle routine tasks such as cleaning bathrooms to the less frequent tasks such as exterior painting. Time after time, business owners have found that it is cost efficient and time is saved due to outsourcing these tasks to companies that provide these services. While there are many reasons your business might want to hire a commercial cleaning company, there are 3 main reasons that we will discuss today.

The first is productivity. You've hired your employees to do a job, and that seldom involves waxing the floors and performing routine cleaning activities. So, it makes little sense to have somebody that handles a task such as inventory control to take time out of their day and do sweeping and mopping. You most likely would be overpaying for the service if you put a calculator to it. This does not even take into account that your employee will most likely will resent the fact that they have been relegated to a job that they consider below them and would likely do less than a proper job. We've all seen plenty of businesses where you can tell that employees are required to pitch in to do the cleaning. In most cases, it's not hard to tell that professionals are not involved.

The second is health and safety. It's not a secret that cleanliness promotes good health. Go to any hospital in the country and you will notice that they have hand sanitizer on practically every wall in the building. They have procedures to properly handle soiled sheets and other materials. They also have the equipment to handle just about any cleaning needed throughout the hospital. Even if your business is not a hospital, there is something that should be taken from the extraordinary cleanliness of a hospital: it is that they take every precaution to prevent the spread of disease. The flu is most likely a better example for your business. A clean workplace can help prevent the flu spread around your office. A nasty bug gets around and you'll find yourself scrambling to fill the shoes of your employees needed to run daily operations.

The last one is cost efficiency. Surviving in the business world means offering the best product or service at the best price available to the consumer. This general law applies to keeping your business clean and presentable to customers all the same. Purchasing all the tools and supplies to properly clean and maintain your building or business is never cheap. And, as we touched on before, using your well paid employee to do general janitorial work is not cost efficient either. You put these together and you have a substantial cost to keep everything the way it needs to be. On the other hand, commercial cleaning companies specialize in the service and can offer a better job at a cheaper rate. Saving time and money is the key here.

The next time you look around and see your business in less than their ideal clean conditions, consider getting a quote from the pros that offer the service in your area. You might be surprised.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Standard Contract for Janitorial Services

Every office can benefit from some form of commercial cleaning. "Janitorial services" is an umbrella term that refers to all cleaning, such as customizable maid services, commercial contracts for construction or other specific task cleanup, and building maintenance with facility cleaning services. These services cover all bases, and they do so with a standard contract of services and agreed terms for performance of the outlined duties. The duties are standardized so that clients know what to expect. The staff is prepared through training to accurately and safely administer cleaning solutions and cleaning tools particular to surfaces such as flooring, upholstery, counters and equipment found in an office, for example. Commercial janitorial services pride themselves on being able to provide the best cleaning in your area; their reputation is everything to the success of their business. So they drum up a standard contract to ensure exceptional customer service for all of the businesses for which they provide cleaning overhauls, repairs and checks to.

When it comes to janitorial services, their reputation is always of the utmost importance, but there are several privately owned companies that can provide cleaning services to your business. So how do choose one over the others?

First, you can create a list of the requirements you have for the office services you need. Next, you can try out several companies that you believe can provide the best fit for your business. Once you've invited a company to your offices. They will provide you with a contract of janitorial services that outlines the routine cleaning, special flooring surface cleaning such as carpets, tiles or hardwood, and even special outside window cleaning.

A contract is important to any business transaction. The details of the agreement are critical. You want to be able to document the cleaning tasks, the protocol for office procedures (especially with regard to expensive appliances and equipment), the payment, and the duration of the contract. All of the employees from the janitorial company will know what to do, and any office manager during the duration of the contract will know what to expect. You can in some cases have only a verbal agreement, but you might wish to have an itemized document that will illustrate what each side expects to receive. There is no reason to be unclear about the agreement for services that is made between a good cleaning service and a clean, functional office.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to Clean Your Computer - Martha Stewart

If you use your computer or laptop daily, chances are it's due for a cleaning. From keyboard to mouse, here are the safest, most effective techniques for getting your devices clean and sanitized.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Janitorial Cleaning Services Are A Necessity For Any Business

Most large companies or businesses use some type of janitorial cleaning services to keep their buildings in great shape. There are many benefits and reasons why someone would use this type of company. Top notch janitorial cleaning services are usually full service companies, with highly trained employees and responsive management teams that are able to implement excellent cleaning services at competitive prices.

Many of these companies rely on word of mouth and customer referrals, so it benefits them to perform to the best of their ability and offer great prices. Many people like the fact that cleaning contracts can be tailored to meet their own personal needs, so they are getting exactly what they want and are not paying for things they do not need or will not use. Most janitorial cleaning services offer a variety of options for their customers, including routine cleaning, carpet care, floor care, emergency response, and finishing work on construction sites.

Although customers have the option to customize their package, they have many options available to them. Some of the options they can choose from include sanitizing and disinfecting of restrooms, trash collection and removal, recycling, stair and elevator sanitizing, dusting, scrubbing and mopping of floors, vacuuming, and window washing.

Floor care is extremely important for many businesses as well. Many janitorial cleaning services provide maintenance for all types of floors, including hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic. A routine program would include floor enhancement, stripping and refinishing, tile and grout restoration, and concrete sealing. Of course this would be performed with high quality equipment, including scrubbers, burnishes, and high-speed buffers.

Many companies offer a final tidy up for construction sites. This includes interior and exterior window washing, removal of debris, vinyl tile finishing, ceramic tile grout restoration and sealing, carpet care, dusting, and vacuuming. Another important thing for business owners is to be prepared for emergencies. These types of problems usually occur when we least expect it, which is why they are considered emergencies. Emergency response can include things like water extraction, structural and content drying, permanent repairs and restoration, and temporary staffing.

Every reputable company should also have a good safety plan in place. This should be readily available at a client's request. There are strict standards that need to be followed by any company that uses any types of chemicals; so making sure a company is OSHA compliant is important. Making sure that a company is licensed and insured is also important. Most of these companies will also give prospective customers a free quote when they call for information.

Regardless of your business sanitation needs, it is important to check referrals and references when you are considering different janitorial cleaning services. Every business is run differently, so it is usually helpful to speak with someone who is familiar with a company. Considering things like price, options offered, and reliability are always important when making a business decision. If a company meets all of your requirements, then they will most likely be a good fit for you.

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