Monday, April 24, 2017

Janitorial Service and Your Business

Janitors, when people think of them, we tend to think of the wisecracking janitor that worked in our high school or middle school. Although there is nothing wrong with a joke telling janitor, these days a janitorial service provides more than just good humor. They are also providing good cleaning for your business.

Many companies across the country have made the decision to hire a regular janitor for their cleaning needs. These companies have found that regular cleaning saves the company money, as opposed to hiring a one-time cleaning company. There are many schools of thought on the benefits of the janitorial service and what it can do for your business.

In some ways, a janitor is similar to a commercial cleaning company. Both companies are outside of the payroll and staffed business that they are cleaning. These companies tend to provide regular cleaning. They operate during regular business hours and doing a majority of their cleaning directly after business hours are over. A commercial cleaning company is generally thought of as an evening and weekend project hire. These companies come in to assist in big clean-up projects.

If you are looking for regular cleaning for your business or office building, consider hiring a janitorial service. These companies specialize in maintaining a clean environment for your business. They can cater to any work place and space. Janitors are comfortable dealing with any type of cleaning situation, large or small. They will also be able to cater to small and large businesses. Check with them during your initial phone conversation to see if your business is the right fit.

Janitorial service companies will also be able to bring their own equipment to the job site to save you from having to rent or purchase your won equipment. Floor buffers and waxing machines, vacuum cleaners and other specialty cleaning devices fall into this category. You may find that owning those cleaning devices will make your overall cost cheaper. Discuss this with the company when you get an estimate.

When hiring a janitor, try to find recommendations from other businesses, companies and employees. It is possible that one of your employees has connections to a janitor and could help secure cleaning for your business. Most likely you will find a recommendation or a referral from another business in the area. Make sure that it is a positive recommendation and that they have been completely happy with the cleaning provided to their business.

During your first conversation with the potential cleaning company, ask them about their licenses and insurance. You want to make sure you are dealing with a company that treats its employees well and has met all the business registration requirements for your city and state. Ask them what equipment they own and are willing to use at your business. Finally, check to see if they will come into your place of business for an estimate. You want an idea of the cost before signing any contracts.

Hiring a janitorial service does not have to be a difficult decision. Do a little research to find the right cleaning company for your business.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Tips For Choosing A Reliable Janitorial Service

Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, the need for cleaning services is the same. Making sure your employees have time to focus on their work instead of sweeping and other cleaning tasks is important to your profits. Learn more about how to choose the best cleaning and janitorial service.

Learn more about the track record a company has by checking their references. Today, looking at customer satisfaction related to a particular company is as easy as visiting their website. Many customer testimonials are generally posted on these sites for helping you make a good choice.

Many business owners are making greener choices in their manufacturing processes. Consider as well the janitorial services using green products for cleaning. This can be fruitful for both the cleaning crew and your employees. Many products used traditionally contain chemicals that leave harmful residues. By choosing a crew using all natural products, you get the safest kind of clean.

Your needs should be the first consideration of the company you are considering for hire. You may need carpets and windows cleaned during an initial visit. Learning more about the standard fees for each task is important to save money. The last thing any business owner wants is unexpected fees for cleaning services.

Look for the company that offers a written guarantee for their work. You should also keep in mind the estimates given for your services over the phone. Be sure to only choose a company that sends someone out to look at your office or warehouse before setting a price. You can also avoid hidden fees by making price negotiations in person. The trained expert can look at your space and make a better, more informed price quote.

An industrial cleaning service should offer a wide variety of services. One quote for a larger building should include the charges for restrooms and cafeterias as well. You may have parts of your business under construction. The cleaning company you hire might also offer services for these areas. Making sure about all the services offered is the best way to get all your needs taken care of with one price.

Your employees can enjoy the greatest benefit of you hiring a qualified, expert janitorial service. Employees working in a clean and organized area are the ones that work more productively. For this reason, you might also think about opting into a cleaning maintenance contract with your cleaning service professionals.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Choosing a Janitorial Service for Your Company

It can be challenging to pick a janitorial service. Not only do you have a lot of options, you really don't have a definite idea of what kind of quality you can expect to receive once you've made the hire. However, there are some steps that you can take that can help you be more comfortable with your choice.

You can obviously ask people who have chosen a janitorial service to see if they have ones they can recommend. However, you still need to make sure you ask questions of the different companies that you are considering.

You will want to know the abilities of the companies that you are choosing from. Find out what they have in terms of manpower and equipment. See how long each company has been in business. The longer a company has been established, the more stable it will be. Ask for references and get in touch with former customers to get their firsthand account of what their experiences were, and make sure that each company has the prerequisite bonding and liability insurance.

Cost is, of course, another serious consideration. While you don't want to make your decision based solely on price, you'll need to make sure that the janitorial service you choose has reasonable rates that will fit into your budget.

One great way to help narrow down your choices is to see if any of the cleaning companies you're talking to have any sort of quality control program. This is very important, because there are many instances where a cleaning provider will start out providing great service but then fall off dramatically after only a few months. You want to make sure that the cleaning company you decide upon will be committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for the long haul.

This type of program typically consists of regular inspections by supervisors, making sure that cleaning crews have the proper tools and equipment, the right training, and incentives so that they continue to be motivated to provide quality work. This will reduce the chances that cleaning jobs will be postponed and that quality will gradually deteriorate.

Make sure that each company you are considering has this type of quality control program in place. If they do, ask them to give you detailed information regarding exactly how the program operates, and what types of other safeguards they have in place to ensure that you will continue to be pleased with the level of work that you receive.

The more committed a janitorial service is to providing consistent, reliable performance, the more at ease you can be when it comes to making your final choice. You will be putting a lot of trust in that company, and you want to make sure it is rewarded.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Putting Popular Internet Cleaning Hacks to the Test

Lifestyle expert, Shoana Jensen demonstrates 5 cleaning hacks from the internet. Do they work or are they a bust?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How Hiring a Janitorial Service Can Help Your Business

When you open a business, you may be thinking about how to get the best deal on a lease or how to arrange your work space for maximum productivity and efficiency. You likely aren't thinking about how you are going to clean the space or what impact your cleaning choices will have on the business -- but you should.

Hiring a regular janitorial service can help your business in a number of ways, all of which can encourage your long-term success. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in this important service:

Get a Thorough Cleaning

One of the most obvious reasons to hire a janitorial service is that it will result in a more thorough cleaning of your business. You can hire the company to come every day, every week, or every month, depending on your needs. An experienced crew will come and clean the space using professional tools and cleaners. You'll get results that would not be possible by doing the work yourself or assigning other employees chore duty. The thorough cleaning will result in a more professional appearance for your business, as well as a more sanitary environment for both employees and customers.

Save Time

You could assign your own employees cleaning duties, such as vacuuming up the office or tidying up the bathroom. However, this will take up time that could otherwise be devoted to more important tasks for which they are trained. A cleaning crew will perform the work in less time, and they will free up your employees to focus on other tasks that could grow your business. Also, because the crew is trained in that work, they will finish the same tasks in much less time than your employees would.

Save Money

Yes, you will pay money when you hire a janitorial service, but you will be saving money in other ways. You will pay a cleaning crew much less in hourly wages than you would your employees, so you are already saving money on the job. However, you will save even more by keeping your property and your equipment well-maintained. You won't have to spend as much on repairs in the long term, which can save you a lot of money even when compared to the cost of hiring a professional.

Hiring the right janitorial service can help you get an efficient yet thorough cleaning of your business space, which can help you save both time and money. By delegating this important duty to professionals who are trained in the area, you can free up your employees to do what they do best, which is to help develop relationships with your customers and grow your company. You'll protect your bottom line, all while helping to create a more professional appearance for your company.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017