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6 Simple Habits for a Cleaner Home That You Can Start Today!

If you feel crazy overwhelmed with keeping on top of daily housekeeping (let alone cleaning!) this video will help ease that.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Makes a Great Janitorial Services Company?

Some Janitorial service companies have specific qualities and services they offer to please their customers; most however, are consistent across various industries and are not necessarily specific to an industry.

When a customer is attempting to find a great janitorial services company, they need to look for a few specific attributes before they pick one. Let's take a look at those very attributes, you may want to consider as well:


More often than not, a new customer is referred in by a friend, a business associate or an acquaintance instead of someone just coming in off the street. A company brand or reputation is perhaps one of the most vital components for a business to grow, especially if it's in the service industry such as janitorial services. This is why it's important to please current clients who can go a long way in upholding a company's reputation. Reputation takes a really long time to build, and it alone can actually bring in new prospects.


In the last few years, consumers have become extremely price sensitive, especially when it comes to new purchases. People tend to examine and experiment with various vendors instead of going with the first one they meet. Market research on janitorial services companies is a must, since it allows you to compare prices and cleaning services-to say ahead of the competition you need to know what's happening in the cleaning industry because the market is always changing based on demand and supply.


Another important aspect of a great janitorial services company is "value". Do current customers value the service? In general, relative to the price is the service that's being provided valuable to the marketplace? Again, as a consumer you need to ask yourself these questions when you're picking a janitorial company.

It's as simple as offering a specific type of cleaning that competitors do not offer, or maybe it's a special online billing program to offer clients; regardless of what the value is, make sure the value can be easily identified by the company and the customers.

Living up to the Promise

Every business contract that's made is a promise. It's a promise to provide specific types of janitorial services and do it to the best of the company's ability. If that promise is upheld then you as a client will undoubtedly be satisfied and will continue to do business with that company.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Clean a Bathtub! (Easy Bathtub Cleaning Routine)

Cleaning your bathtub can seem like scary, overwhelming, even back-breaking chore - but it's not - and there's actually a very easy way to clean your tub! In this video, Melissa Maker shows us a quick bathtub cleaning routine which will make this job so much easier!

Friday, February 17, 2017

What Do Janitorial Services Companies Do?

For many businesses, employing full-time cleaning staff does not make financial sense, because cleaners are only needed on a semi-regular basis. Many companies now contract their cleaning needs out to professional janitorial services companies. This helps to avoid employment taxes, training costs and other red tape which is associated with hiring one's own employees. But what do these companies actually do?

External janitorial services are able to offer all of the same benefits that in-house cleaning staff would be able to offer, and then they are able to offer additional services on top of that. The general responsibilities which janitorial contractors would be able to take care of include waste removal, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning windows, disinfecting surfaces and ensuring high sanitation standards in bathroom and kitchen areas.

In addition to general services, janitorial services are usually able to offer additional services which an in-house cleaner may not be able to offer. Thanks to their ability to access professional cleaning equipment, these companies are able to offer deep cleans if and when they are required. A deep clean can really help to improve the appearance, smell and hygiene level in any workplace, and will be far more effective than any of the techniques which are offered by casual cleaning staff.

Whilst most companies will arrange for a janitorial services company to do regular work with them, companies also like the safety net that an external contractor is able to offer to them. If there is ever a cleaning emergency, this company should be able to make arrangements for the problem to be rectified as soon as possible. For example, if there was a flood at a commercial property, the property owner would not have to wait until the next scheduled visit to have the flood damage taken care of, but instead they would be able to contact the janitorial contractors to get them to arrange the cleaning as quickly as possible.

Janitorial services will also be able to alert their management company about things which could cause potential problems in future. For example, if they really notice an issue developing in the toilet of the commercial space, they will be able to alert the company before the problem worsens. When using a services company, a stitch in time can save nine, meaning that their expertise can prevent your problem from becoming much more serious and more costly to deal with.

Hiring a janitorial services company makes financial sense, so long as you hire a janitorial services company which already has a great reputation.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Easy Steps to Clean a Smelly Dishwasher | Consumer Reports

Sometimes the dishwasher itself needs a good cleaning. Follow these easy tips from Consumer Reports to keep yours smelling fresh.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to Hire Quality Janitorial Services For Your Company

When you own a large business it is very important to choose the right janitorial services that will best fit the needs of your organization and the needs of your customers. Janitorial services are not just a way of keeping your business and offices clean, it goes into the whole philosophy of the business. If your business is clean and meticulously organized, then clients will see your business as a legitimate and successful organization, and will want to do business with you. However, janitorial services are not always cheap and if your business wants to be competitive you need to be mindful of the costs.

Many small businesses may not have enough work to justify employing a janitor, or an entire team of janitors. The cost of the business, labor, and production might be already too much to afford keeping a permanent janitor or janitors on staff. This is why hiring a janitorial cleaning service can be very cost effective. Janitorial services are excellent for small businesses because you get to hire them on a contract basis. This way you don't have to worry about paying benefits, and you don't have to worry about insurance or retirement options, like you would have with a full time janitor on payroll.

We all know that there are thousands of cleaning services out there, but how do you go about choosing the right one? Well first off, you need to choose the service that best fits your company's needs. How often is your business going to require these services? Once a day, once a week, multiple times throughout the day? How much are you willing to spend for this service to be done? Many janitorial services differ in price and performance, so these are options that you will definitely want to weigh ahead of time. If your company needs specialized services, like carpet shampooing, or doing maintenance work, this will be an integral component in finding the services that best fit your needs.

There are thousands of janitorial services out there so you need to make sure you choose one that can maintain the philosophy and professional image of your business. Your company should also employ background checks on all individuals that are going to be working at your business. Even though you are hiring an outside service, the individuals that work for the service work for you, and while they're in your property, they should be expected to follow the same procedures as everyone else in your organization. A quality cleaning service should provide floor cleaning, resurfacing, bathroom sanitizing, quality class cleaning, carpet care, garbage removal and other valuable services. When finding a janitorial company for your business, make sure to be thorough in your search and always check for references.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Should Your Facility Contract-Out or Provide In-House Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services?

The bottom line of every efficient business should be how to maximize its profits in a manner that leads to the greatest potential future profitability. As a result, companies are always looking to alter their janitorial programs in such a way to minimize their expenses to boost their bottom line, while maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness. The following article will help shed light on the dirty business of deciding whether to contract out the cleaning services, or to take care of them in-house.

Does the Bottom Line Always Make Cents?

There are many hundreds of factors to consider when weighing how a company ought to best handle its' janitorial services. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we'll examine the large factors that most businesses need to consider for their janitorial programs.

Managing Your Options

The first question to consider is: Which member of your business will manage the janitorial program? If you do not have somebody within your company that is both readily equipped to manage all of the janitorial services and personnel AND still perform all of their other duties, then your company will have to take on a considerable additional expense to provide In-House Management. Professional cleaning companies already have management in place to handle services, personnel and any emergency issues that may arise at a moments notice. While it may certainly be cheaper to employ your own entry-level staff, a few extra costs come associated with that; training costs, hiring/firing costs and the previously mentioned management costs. These added together could already result in a company having higher costs than hiring a specialized janitorial service.

Additional considerations come with purchasing the proper equipment and chemicals necessary to carryout the work. While janitorial companies do factor in some amount of equipment and chemical usage, it is often much lower since they purchase their items in larger quantities and can easily transfer it to another facility if necessary.

It's None of Your Business

Often times companies go into business with the intent of selling certain goods or services as a means to generate sufficient revenue. What usually happens, however, is business owners and members of management end up spending large resources, staffing and time carrying out miscellaneous functions that are necessary to run the day-to-day activities of a business. This takes away from time and energy that could be spent growing your actual business. The companies that are most successful and are able to continue growing at rapid rates are generally those who focus all or most of their resources and energy on exactly what their business is supposed to do. An article from goes further into how a business should evaluate what other processes should be considered for outsourcing.

Do What you Know, and Let the Rest Go

The final test is to contact some local janitorial service companies and ask them about how they can help your business grow. Be specific on not only what services you would like but also what type of budget your are looking to stay within. Companies are often hesitant to give out budget information, but by discussing it with a trusted cleaning professional, they can work out a janitorial program that best accommodates both your budget and facility needs. A trusted professional will take the worry of cleaning off your plate, so your business can focus on what it does best.

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