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Happy New Year!

May you have an abundant and amazing New Year ahead of you and may all your dreams come true. 
Have a fantastic New Year!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


If you can master these 7 laundry habits you can cut the time it takes to do laundry, and pretty much avoid a dedicated laundry day.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

May songs of joy fill your home with warmth and your heart with happiness this holiday season

Friday, December 22, 2017

Six Simple Reasons You Should Outsource Your Janitorial to an Office Cleaning Company

Outsourced janitorial services help create a clean and healthy environment for everyone in an office. With the expertise and experience of hired staff from a cleaning company, your company can create a good first impression to the visitors and implement a "go-green" concept to the company's value.

Here are more benefits of the services:

1. Peace of mind

Trusting the cleaning to an office cleaning company gives peace of mind to everyone in the office. Your employees do not have to leave their job tasks every once in awhile to do the shared janitorial work. The employees will have their full time and energy to do the tasks they are competent in only. It increases the employees' productivity and creativity.

2. Goal-oriented

Having the cleaning done by the professionals will help you stay concentrated on your goal. As an employer, you can use your time completing your duties and thinking of innovative business strategies for the company's growth.

3. Specialized services for excellent results

Even in an office cleaning company, there is a wide range of janitorial services. Each service has its strength in a particular area of cleaning. With this specialty, it is easy to just use one or more services that your company is in need of. Additionally, this specialization promises your company excellent results compared to the regular cleaning.

4. Scalability/flexibility

When outsourcing janitorial services from an office cleaning service, you can adjust the level of staffing for operations on an as-needed basis. Indirectly, you can control the cost and adjust for changes in service requirements and frequency, staffing and scheduling. Additionally, you can also customize a unique cleaning plan for your company on any occasion.

5. Availability of staff

With outsourced cleaning services, you are free from the issue of holidays or leave of absences. Hiring an office cleaning company means that your company will never lack of staff to do the cleaning anytime your company needs.

6. Money saving

Cleaning services prices are quite affordable so the services help you save money on management, employment, training, uniforms, inventory, equipment and other related expenses. So, you can spend the money only for something your company really needs. You also save money on payroll tax, salary and benefits (insurance, sick pay, vacation, etc). The money saved from the unnecessary expenses can be allocated to your core business at a higher rate of return. It can boost the growth of your business and promise you a brighter future for your company.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to Clean Your Home for the Holidays - Clean with Me

Here are a few tips and ideas to quickly speed clean and organize your home for the holidays! Watch as I go through my Christmas Cleaning routine and share with you some little things I do to be get prepared for Christmas.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How Professional Office Cleaning Can Save You Money

When some companies consider having professional office cleaning, they often find themselves worrying about how to shoulder the "extra costs". However, rather than costing more money in the long run, having your office cleaned by professionals can actually help to save money for your company instead, and here is why.

It is a well-known fact that people are more productive and work more efficiently in an environment that they feel more comfortable in. Although there are lots of different things that you can do to make your office space more comfortable, one of the simplest things that you can do it to ensure that your office is clean and tidy. If you want to make sure that your office is up to scratch, you may want to consider hiring a professional office cleaning service to do the work for you.

Even though a clean environment will help to improve the productivity of your workers, constantly nagging them to tidy up after themselves can be counter-productive, especially if this is not part of their regular job description. In fact, if they have not been trained to clean things to a professional standard, they can actually end up spending much longer doing cleaning than they should. This is another reason why choosing a professional office cleaning service is one of the best things that you can choose to arrange for your office. Using a professional service will allow your workers to spend more of their time on the roles that you have actually employed them to do.

Keeping your office or workplace clean and tidy is also one of the best ways to ensure that you do not lose or damage important documents or resources. In an untidy office space, or in a place where there has been spillages or other mess, time and resources can be wasted very easily if things get damaged or lost. For example, if chemical spills are left and are not cleaned up, they can irreversibly damage items that they come in contact with, meaning that your resources are wasted. Regular office cleaning can help to prevent these problems from occurring. By spending a small amount of money on having your office professionally cleaned, you can actually save money by not wasting other resources. All in all, arranging professional office cleaning can actually help to save you money in the long run, by making sure that you get the most out of your workers and your resources.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

HomeAdvisor: Move Out Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Are you moving houses or apartments in the upcoming months? If so, we have 4 hacks to round out your move out cleaning checklist and keep that cleaning fee in your pocket.

1) Spackle any holes you may leave
2) Clean grimy tiles with a magic eraser and/or 1:1 bleach/water spray.
3) Use toothpaste and a sponge to remove stains and marks on the wall.
4) Use baking soda, water, and vinegar to remove carpet stains.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Janitorial Services for Offices and Commercial Properties

Maintaining a clean and sanitized office or commercial property is essential for creating a pleasing and safe environment for your employees and customers. A commercial cleaning company provides janitorial services that are targeted to address the specific needs of your facility. Consistent and professional cleaning ensures that your place of business will impress your clients while protecting your investment.

Janitorial services include much more than simply cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. There are a myriad of services that must be completed to keep your facility in top order. You want to find a commercial cleaning company that offers a wide selection of customized services that take into account environmental concerns as well as total cleaning of your building.

One of the most important areas that your cleaning company should target is the flooring of your facility. It is often one of the largest areas and biggest investments in your property. Whether you have hardwoods, carpet, tile, linoleum, or any other type of flooring, it needs to be well maintained to keep it looking its best and preventing damage. Outsourcing your floor cleaning to a commercial cleaning company ensures that it will receive proper care and attention from knowledgeable professionals.

A commercial cleaning company should provide a wide variety of janitorial services designed to keep your office or commercial property clean and sanitized. Some services like cleaning restrooms, emptying trash, mopping floors, and other routine tasks need to be performed each time your building is cleaned. Other specialized services, like landscaping, window washing, and pressure washing may only need to be done periodically to improve and maintain your property. A professional cleaning company will be able to make recommendations for services based on the individual needs of your facility.

For the health of your facility and the safety of your employees and clients, consider working with a commercial cleaning company the employs green cleaning practices. Green cleaning includes the use of products and equipment that have a limited impact on the air quality and health of your facility. Traditional cleaners that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) can negatively impact the air quality of your building and can cause short-and long-term health effects.

When choosing a janitorial service provider, be sure to work with a company that hires well-trained professionals who are bonded and insured. You should outsource your commercial cleaning to a well-qualified company that offers the customer service you require. Be sure to choose a company that is knowledgeable of the specific needs of your property and is willing to customize services to meet your financial demands as well.

Just like people, each office building and commercial property is unique. There is not a specific set of services that works for all properties. This is why you should find a commercial cleaning company that offers customized janitorial services targeted to address the specific needs of your facility while staying within your allowed budget. With routine cleaning as well as specialized services, your building will be clean and welcoming to all who work there and visit.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Janitorial Services From an Office Cleaning Company

Whether your company provides products or services, outsourcing janitorial services is a strategic business decision. Instead of hiring employees to clean your office, outsourcing the services gives more benefits to the growth of your company. Outsourced services help your company save time, money and resources, enabling your employees to concentrate on their competencies as well as mission-critical objectives. Additionally, outsourcing janitorial services from an office cleaning company gives you peace of mind, comfort and cleanliness at a level of professionals.

Why Should You Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

There are many benefits of using outsourced janitorial services:

#1. Cleanliness at a professional level

An office cleaning company has a great concern on providing a clean and healthy environment at a level of professionals. The company has their professional standard in cleaning methods, procedure, products and equipment. Additionally, the company trains all of their employees, equipping them with sufficient knowledge and skills before dispatching them for their customers' offices. As one of their customers, you are saved from the stress of managing additional staff.

#2. Healthy workplace

People are moving in and out of your office the whole day. Germs and bacteria are all around the office environment. Pollutants contaminate the air and make a bad quality of the air in the office. If not deep-cleaned, the dirty, polluted office can increase the number of employees getting sick. Otherwise, a healthy environment an office cleaning company creates gives physical and emotional health to the employees. Healthy employees are more productive than the sick ones.

#3. Environmental Awareness

Through its regulations and policies, the government pushes companies of all sectors to be committed to the environment. Hiring outsourced janitorial services is a stress-free choice of saving the earth without the stress of selecting eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Most office cleaning services only use sustainable systems, and eco-friendly products and equipment. Besides, with proper use of the systems, products and equipment, the cleaning process is more effective and efficient.

#4. Expertise

An office cleaning company is a highly specialized company. All of the staff, cleaners and supervisors have the expertise and experience to do the cleaning based on your company's needs. Equipped with the latest technology in the janitorial industry, the company promises you effective and efficient cleaning that is worth the money.

#5. Good first impression

Your building reflects your company's value in front of your company's partners, customers and employees. It is wise to pay attention to the building's appearance in order to create a good first impression to the visitors. Whether your office building is a modern or contemporary, it will feel hospitable if properly cleaned and maintained.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Take Your Business Up a Notch by Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

When you bring new clients into your business establishment, you want them to walk away knowing they're in competent, professional hands. To achieve the level of cleanliness and organization needed to create a lasting impression, it's best to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. Here are some reasons to hire an office cleaning service for your business, followed by some pointers on what to look for when choosing between companies.

Why a Clean Office Is Important

The first reason is the impression it will make on your clients. Unfortunately, humans do tend to judge books by their covers and-unfair though it may be in some cases-a messy, disorganized workspace can create an air of incompetence that will drive potential customers away. A tidy, sanitary office building will get you and your employees the respect you deserve and increase the odds that clients will refer you to their friends.

Another great reason for hiring an office cleaning service is reduced stress for your employees. Knowing that they have to break away from their primary tasks to help clean the office is an added burden on their minds that also results in reduced cost-efficiency for you, the employer. Presumably, employees have been hired for their skill set in their primary workplace duties, and paying them to perform janitorial duties as well takes away from the time you could be paying them to do other tasks to which they are more suited.

On the flip side, a good cleaning service hires dedicated professionals who will be able to complete the same cleaning tasks as your employees in much less time, getting you the most bang for your buck.

The last and most important reason is to cultivate a healthy working environment. A sanitary, largely germ-free environment results in happier, healthier clients and employees. It will be less troublesome to asthmatics, and there will be fewer instances of workers calling in sick. This will result in greater efficiency for the employer as well.

What to Look For

Not every office cleaning company is created equal, and it's important to make sure you find one that offers everything your company needs to convey a professional, organized atmosphere.

The basics-dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting with antibacterial spray-are a must. A good company knows how to properly clean and maintain all floors, whether they are carpeted or not. Disinfecting the workspace will reduce germs and therefore sickness.

Bathrooms need particular care as well. Toilets and sinks are repositories for standing water and thus require extra scrubbing and disinfecting. Mirrors require cleaning, and trash must be put in bins and taken outside. There's nothing less appealing than a gross bathroom.

The ideal cleaning business to hire will also get into the nitty-gritty. Oft-neglected surfaces like mantels, doorknobs, light switches, baseboards, and windowpanes should be properly polished and disinfected, not to mention ceiling fans and air vents.

All these little things add up, and hiring an office cleaning service will help you keep your space safe and pleasant for employees while conveying the professionalism you deserve.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Things You Will Benefit From Cleaning Service Companies

Cleanliness should be a top priority at home and in the workplace. This helps improve the quality of life we have and the way we think in our everyday tasks. Your tasks can get easily done with the help of a spotless and organized surrounding because it helps you perform smoothly and appropriately. You also give yourself a favor of inhaling clean air since your surroundings are free from dust, dirt, bacteria and pollutants that can bring harm to your health. With a well-cleaned environment, everyone is safe, comfortable and productive.

However, making sure your spaces are truly spic and span for a long period of time will require an incredible amount of energy and money. For busy households and businesses, DIY cleaning can actually lead to loss of valuable time and profit. That's why many people today simply call up companies specializing in cleaning services - for fast, quality and hassle-free cleaning at home and in the office.

You will definitely need help in home cleanup. You know that cleaning a home, particularly if you have small children present, can require an endless process. No matter how you try to keep up, there always seems to be another mess that needs attention. Getting help from professional cleaners takes care of the cleaning chores in a more systematic way. They have the right equipment and methodology to ensure your home will be the haven that you deserve.

A clean, well-maintained office or commercial space is key to a professional and reliable business image. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide safe and healthy premises for your team. When your facilities are in order, you are able to present a good impression to clients and customers. Presentable workspaces similarly improve the morale of the workforce. Employees are more inspired to work and be productive.

When you're planning for and hosting a special occasion, effective delegation is a must. And the last thing you'll want to get your hands into is the grand cleanup before and after the party. Cleaning companies will not only ensure the venue will be sparkling clean for you and your guests. They can also be hired to help in your various pre-party preparations such as cooking and serving. Of course, you can also make arrangements for professional cleaning after the celebrations.

Hiring a cleaning service helps you save time, money and energy. It makes your home, office or shop healthier places to be in. It saves you from the stress of complicated cleaning chores. For cleaning done right, call your trusted cleaning company.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

Learn 7 awesome life hacks to quickly clean your bathroom, leaving it looking shiny and new! Many common household items can be used to clean up even the worst messes and stains so save your cash.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

What You Should Know About Hiring an Office Cleaning Janitorial Service

Keeping your offices and business facilities clean is an extremely important endeavor. If clients come to your building, the cleanliness of the reception area and offices will make a big impression on them. It reflects not only your company's attention to order and tidiness but also paints a larger picture of your how your business deals with details and order in its professional dealings.

Even if your clients never see your facility, your staff's performance and job satisfaction will be greatly influenced by how clean the building is kept and how comfortable a space it is to work in. Any way you look at, keeping your business facility clean is an essential part of running a successful venture. This is why hiring a professional janitorial service may be one of the most important decisions your company will make.

Janitorial Services Save You Time and Money

Although it may seem at first glance, that it would be safer and less expensive to hire on an in-house janitorial services team for your office cleaning needs, in many ways it makes so much more sense to simply contract out the work and forget the headaches. With a contract janitorial service, you pay just for the cleaning service itself without having the added cost of paying for health and retirement benefits that you would have to pay for an employee on your company's payroll.

You also save your valuable time and the efforts of your full-time staff by hiring outside help instead of doing it yourself. While the office cleanliness is important, janitorial services specialize in the art and can perform it much more efficiently than you or your staff could. Hiring a service to do your office cleaning allows you and your team to concentrate on your most productive specialty.

Provide a Detailed List of Cleaning Tasks

When you start your search for a quality janitorial service, it is important to have a list (preferably in writing) of all the cleaning tasks you would like to have performed on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. This will make it easier for you to explain to potential contractors exactly what you expect from them. They can then give you a more accurate price quote about how much the job would cost.

It's Okay to Negotiate

When hiring any type of contractor, in order to get the best deal, it is a good idea to shop around and get price quotes from several different businesses. This will give you a general ball park figure and will also allow you bargain with specific companies.

Do not be afraid to tell a particular vendor, "Vendor So-and-So offered this price for these services. Can you do any better"? It is a fair question and no matter the answer, you will find out which company offers the most cost-effective deal.

Check Out Janitorial Services Reviews

Finally, it is always a good idea to check out other customers' thoughts on a particular janitorial service. Check online to see what current and former clients have to say about the quality and professionalism of any potential contractors.

You can also visit the website of the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints about a particular office cleaning service. And sometimes the best reviews come from friends. Ask friends and neighboring associates for recommendations of great janitorial services.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Professional Cleaning Services for Small Business Owners

Small businesses face many unique challenges but hiring a professional cleaning service means image won't be one of them. Budgets are tight and a smaller company often must run on a leaner financial platform than larger competitors. When identifying where to cut corners, the small business owner might be tempted to skimp on professional cleaning services, however, many benefits to this service make the investment worthwhile.

Most successful small businesses find ways to get a leg up on the competition, and presenting a professional image is one critical way to achieve this goal. Many potential clients prefer working with a small business but how many will be willing to take a chance on a small company with a disheveled office or facility. A small business owner who thinks and acts like the big business leader he or she aspires to emulate has a greater chance of achieving those goals.

Professional janitorial services will help give the very best image for your company when customers visit. No one wants to be judged on appearance but the reality is that appearance - yours or that of your business - makes that critical first impression.. That first impression will become a lasting perception. Think about how you rate a potential employee or vendor; your future clients are likely to evaluate you and your business in the very same way. If that first impression is of a messy, dirty office, they may believe that you are already too busy to provide excellent service or - worse - that you simply don't care.

The other critical mistake a small business owner may make is to attempt to self-clean the office or perhaps even ask employees to do it. Employees in a small business are likely few in number and probably already covering a variety of job duties. Don't ask them to play janitor too! You've chosen your employees carefully and they represent one of your most valuable assets. Asking them to provide office-cleaning services in addition to everything else may leave them feeling devalued and send them in search of other employment opportunities.

Many professional cleaning services offer packages designed specifically for the small business and medical or dental clinics. Daily cleaning service may be overkill for a very small company today, both in terms of need and cost, but you may need that level of service in the future (or now if you run a medical office). Select an office janitorial service that will adapt to your company's changing needs, allowing you to choose a less aggressive office cleaning schedule now, and ramping up the level of service as you grow the business.

Running a business of any size is challenging; running a small business requires critical thinking and tough decisions. One decision that's both easy and wise is to make sure your company presents the very best image possible by hiring a commercial cleaning company to keep you in tip-top shape. As an added bonus, your employees are likely to be sick less and more productive.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Find the Right Professional Cleaning Service For You

First impressions do count and the first thing people see when they enter your world - is how clean it is. Yes, you've hired cleaning services before but you haven't been completely satisfied. Now is the time to reassess the needs of your facility, whether it is your home, office building, medical center, bank, retail store, or church. Is it a day care center or school, a condominium building or a model home? Whatever the space, now is the time to determine exactly what services you will need. The challenge is in deciding which residential service or janitorial service, or office cleaning service is the best choice for fulfilling your needs. Or can they all be combined into one? Here are eight things to consider when searching for a professional cleaning service:

Help in a Hurry!

If you've had an emergency or sudden problem area in your building or your home, it's time to call in a professional cleaning service. Flooding, pipe breaks, mold, pet stains, and air conditioning leaks are just a few of the possible emergency cleanup problems that need to be addressed by specialized help. Qualified professionals will get the job done faster and cleaner because they have the equipment and the know-how to get the problem solved now - and to do it right.

Janitorial Services

Bringing on a trusted service for janitorial cleaning can make a huge difference in the look and feel of any building or facility. Choose a professional company that specializes in commercial cleaning, including carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. Make sure you outline all your cleaning needs so you'll get a customized program. And don't forget to schedule regular meetings and inspections to verify that the work is getting done to your specifications.

Residential Cleaning Services

Who has time nowadays to clean the house the way it should be cleaned? Busy schedules make it harder and harder to get it all done, but the right maid service can take a load off of the busiest person's mind. Be sure to look for trained personnel who will pay attention to the details that matter to you. Are you having a party? Calling on your favorite cleaning service to help you with the party mess afterward makes a whole lot of sense.

Carpet Cleaning

Look for a commercial or residential cleaning service that has state-of-the-art equipment for maximum results. Some firms also offer tick and flea treatments, fabric protection, stain and odor removal, and even upholstery cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

If your floors need attention, it's time to call in a service for floor stripping and waxing. They will have to apply new several new coats of wax for a renewed finish. Or, for the expedient removal of mold and mildew, and to revive the look of dulled tile floors, you'll need a building cleaning service with state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right and to follow up with continuing floor maintenance.


Everyone knows how exhausting it can be to have everything packed to move out and then have to clean up the mess afterwards just adds to the stress. Calling in the professionals is the answer! Appliance, floor, carpets, and window cleaning are just a few of the assigned tasks a dedicated service can provide to get the place back in shape and ready for the new occupants.

The Tougher Things in Life

Pressure washing interior and exterior surfaces of your building is called for to tackle the really tough jobs encountered in any work or home environment. Home siding immediately comes to mind, but think about garage floor stains or ground in deck soil, or even the green mold that has collected on your walkways. A full-service cleaning company can take care of the tougher jobs like this in a jiffy.


Cleaning up after you have had construction work done in a building is not the most welcome chore. But it has to be done and it has to be done correctly. You'll need a reputable service now more than ever to tackle things like trash removal and overall deep cleaning to get the place looking and feeling respectable again.

In general, here are some pointers to expedite your search for the right service: Are all the employees fully insured, licensed and bonded? Do they use sub-contractors or do they have their own trained crews? Have they given you references? What kind of equipment do they have? Are they a major chain or a smaller, family owned enterprise who can deliver more personalized services? Now it's time to sit back and enjoy! Your business (or your home) has been cleaned to your specifications. Your space has just been scrubbed by a professional team you have personally screened and who you can trust. You have completed the research and now it's time to invite your guests, your clients, or the people who matter most in your life - to come on over for a visit, have a seat, and celebrate the shine.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Janitorial Service - How to Spot the Professional Companies

What are some ways you can spot a professional and quality janitorial service business? Many people are afraid they will get scammed, have cleaners steal items or enter private areas, or will cause damage to their belongings. These are all very real fears, but there are reputable companies and some easy ways to spot them.

Bring Proper Supplies and Equipment

An experienced janitorial service will come with all necessary supplies and equipment to get the job done, whether it is a once-a-month undertaking or weekly. All clients' needs will differ, so you may want to request or ask about specifics before hiring a company.

For example, if you have extensive carpeting throughout your building, you may ask if they will bring a carpet or steam cleaner with them to handle spills and if that service will be included or is extra. They should also use a variety of cleaning tools and products. If the team shows up with a bucket, mop, and bottle of bleach only, you know something is wrong.

They should have access to many quality products as various surfaces, fabrics, and types of dirt all require different treatments to effectively and safely clean them. If you allergies or specific product requests you may also supply these items in place of their normal offerings.

On Time

These companies need to be punctual so they don't interfere with your busy schedule or your employees. You don't want to have to wait around for them to show up or stay late if you require them to leave when the offices close. If they are appointed a specific schedule they need to keep it barring exceptional circumstances in which case you should be contacted immediately.

Trustworthy Employees

Make sure you hire a professional janitorial service that takes the necessary time and effort to screen all of their employees before hire. It is rather unfortunate but many in home or office thefts occur when outsiders have access to many areas of the building at various times.

It is simple for cleaners to steal, and usually isn't noticeable until it's too late or even never. It is also sometimes common for cleaners to wander off into restricted areas that you have specifically placed off limits.

If you suspect any foul play on part of the cleaners sent to your building or home, contact the managers or the janitorial team immediately and ensure they take the proper action against them. You should feel comfortable and secure with the services provided as well as the employees.

Proper Cleaning

If you paid to have certain services performed, they should not only be done but done to your standards. That means if you wanted your windows washed but still see obvious dust and dirt immediately following, then the job needs to be completed properly. Of course, dust can accumulate quickly so it is important to be reasonable in your expectations of the janitorial service.

However, obvious negligence should be reported and discussed with management immediately. It is unacceptable and most companies want their customers to be satisfied and will ensure the work is performed correctly there afterward.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

5 Stubborn Carpet Stains & How To Remove Them!

Carpet stains are a fact of life, but with the right treatment, they can be removed and forgotten. In this video, Melissa Maker looks at five of the most common carpet conundrums and how to deal with them.

Learn how to remove gum, red wine stains, coffee stains and more using these quick and easy stain removal techniques!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How Janitorial Services Help You To Spend Less And Gain More

If you want to keep your office looking spick and span, it is important that you have a team of people working to maintain your high standards. However, to get the best results, you will have to make sure that you have room in your budget for janitorial services. These services will help you to keep on top of the cleaning, because the staff members will be trained to do a range of different maintenance tasks. Whilst it is possible to hire your own team of people to do your janitorial services, you might actually find that you can spend less and get much more by hiring an external contractor to provide these services for you.

External contractors are constantly training and retraining their staff, so that they can provide as wide a range of janitorial services as possible to their clients. If you were to hire in-house staff to provide these services, you would have to choose between working with staff who do not have an up-to-date skills set, or shelling out a lot of money to fund regular retraining courses to make sure that they all knew the latest techniques. Funding training courses can be costly, and it can be difficult to work out whether it is best to have staff with outdated knowledge, or whether it is worth paying for their training. Thankfully, if you contract out your janitorial services, the decision will fall onto the company that you have signed up with. They will shoulder the training costs, because it is essential that their staff have top of the range skills, otherwise their customers will go elsewhere. This means you save money on training costs, and you save money because the people who you employ are more efficient.

If you choose to contract out your janitorial services, you are also able to gain more whilst spending less, because there will be a wider skill set available to you. If you only need window washing services once per month, then you will only need to get the window cleaner in on that basis. It can be very hard to keep this schedule if you hire your own staff, because irregular contracts are much harder to create and maintain than full time or part time contracts are. With an external janitorial company, they will be able to take care of all the difficult paper work and contract information, so you will be able to spend more time concentrating on things that matter.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Janitorial Services

Outsourcing your facility's janitorial services to a facility maintenance can provide a number of benefits over and above the use of in-house staff: customize your services to your schedule and budget, utilize in-house maintenance staff for higher value jobs, and you have a contract in place to specify expectations on both sides. Outsourcing typically means your satisfaction is guaranteed. Why pay your in-house certified tradespeople full hourly rates to sweep parking lots, do litter pickup, or take the garbage out?

Customize Your Janitorial Services To Your Needs

Depending on your business or facility's hours and capacity, you might want daily janitorial services, a few times per week, or even a seasonal deep clean. No matter what your timing preference is, outsourcing janitorial services allows you to call all of the shots according to what you think you need. If scheduling isn't a concern for your business, but budgeting is, outsourcing allows you to choose a plan that matches your budget. This could mean ensuring daily duties are done, such as emptying trash, but leaving other non-essentials for once weekly. For residential facility maintenance, this leaves your regular staff to attend to tenant issues, building repair tasks, or preventative maintenance duties.

Outsourcing Janitorial Services Guarantees Satisfaction

Let's face it: your skilled tradespeople are not going to be overly thrilled to be taking out trash or cleaning graffiti off of the walls. They would much rather do what they were trained for, and because of this, may do a halfhearted job. When you outsource your janitorial services, your company and the service company have a contract. Within that contract, expectations from both sides are defined with specificity, leaving no room for misinterpretation. If your contract says that windows are to be cleaned weekly, and that's not occurring, you have grounds on which to not pay for window cleaning. Corrective maintenance will always trump washing windows, so there's a good chance that unless you outsource, the aesthetic appearance of your building may take a nosedive.

Many Customers Judge A Book By The Cover

Speaking of aesthetics, would you want to do business with a company that had trash on the floor, dirty and smeared windows, and the office was in disarray? Likely not. For healthcare facilities, wouldn't you rather visit a hospital that clearly showed they took pride in their appearance? Janitorial services are far more important than many give credit for, and outsourcing can guarantee that you get the job you need done right, or your money back. Try to get the hourly pay back from your employee who did a mediocre job washing the windows. Having a cleaner atmosphere may not guarantee success, but it certainly will push you in the right direction. Janitorial services are an integral part of a complete facility maintenance plan. They not only improve the look of your property, but result in greater cost savings and client satisfaction.

Outsourcing your janitorial services to a facility maintenance company can be affordable depending on the plan you choose. A fully customizable plan, clearly defined expectations and improved customer satisfaction are just a few benefits of outsourcing.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Cleaning and Seasoning Your Cast Iron Skillet - Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart scrubs a pair of cast iron skillets, coats them with solid shortening, and puts them in an oven to create well-seasoned pans.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Spend Less and Gain More in Janitorial Service

Companies that offer janitorial services are scattered around the country. In almost every city, one would find an agency that is dealing business with private residences, business offices, financial and educational institutions and even hospitals. These institutions resort to hiring these janitorial services instead of the usual employing of house servants or maintenance employees because, truly, the benefits of janitorial services are becoming known and people are beginning to realize that it is indeed better to invest on these kinds of services because it allows customers to save time and allot their energy for other productive things that are related to their professions.

However, not all companies provide high-quality janitorial services so it is suggested to make sure that the company being hired is able to perform well and clean facilities thoroughly.

An efficient janitorial service is able to do all forms of cleaning. From the carpeted floors and the window frames to the high walls and ceilings of facilities, every area should be free of dust and other marks such as finger and splash marks. A janitorial service that does its job empties the trash bins and disposes it to designated areas. Also, the restrooms are kept sanitized and free of microorganisms that could harm children, so this is particularly important for schools for young children.

Further, a good janitorial service is trustworthy and agents could be left alone to do their job while clients feel comfortable in some other place doing work-related tasks. With these services, one could certainly gain a lot and save an ample amount of time. One should only remember to rely on companies that have a proven positive reputation in providing janitorial services.

Why the Need to Hire a Janitorial Service

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire your own janitorial service. One reason for this is that it is more practical. Furthermore, letting the experts do your cleaning saves you lots of time and energy. Large companies, as well as ordinary households, are opting for commercial cleaners over hiring housekeeping personnel directly.

A contractual janitorial service is easier to manage because the scope of their jobs is well-defined and easier to monitor as compared to professional or technical services. Agencies offering such services could also be relied on to send your needed personnel at any given time.

Hiring a janitorial service could come in handy during parties and special occasions. Just look up your local listing and choose which service you would like. Give the company a call to inquire and discuss details, such as when you need the service and the fees. This way, you can enjoy your parties, meetings, or any other activities without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

A typical janitorial service usually covers cleaning toilets, floors, rooms, surfaces, among others. Firms from different industries, from aviation to government offices, are now reaping the benefits of getting a reliable cleaning service. Sometimes, cleaning companies also offer security and maintenance services. There are even some that takes charge of opening and closing your gates each day. Janitorial workers are expected to be well-trained and experienced to provide the best service for clients. No matter how finicky you are, there is always a right janitorial service for you.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Desk De-Cluttering with Marie Kondo | InStyle

Feeling overwhelmed with stuff? So are we. After a summer of letting things pile up and repeating the well-known mantra, "oh I'll just organize later," we decided it was time to bring in an expert for a major clean up.

Enter de-cluttering expert Marie Kondo, who graciously helped us clean out our desk area using her tried and true organizational methods and unparalleled skills

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Professional Office Cleaning For Every Type of Company

Professional office cleaning services can keep your office looking clean, tidy, and sparkling. Cleanliness is important in the work place because not only does it help to give a professional image to anybody visiting the office but it is also important in order to ensure that employees remain healthy and safe from allergens and pollutants. Choosing professional office cleaning services means finding the company that offers the best service at the most affordable prices.

Improved Health And Safety

Infections and illnesses are very easy to spread and the other office or other workplace is a common breeding ground for bacteria. The office is also commonly filled with dust, allergens, and toxins that can lead to illnesses. When employees become ill it means lost resources and your business will inevitably lose man hours because of this.

Improved Productivity

Professional office cleaning services can remove the potential for absenteeism. A professional service can attend your office regularly and clean thoroughly from top to bottom. Not only does this remove the immediate threat but proper cleaning can prevent such bacteria and other airborne contagions from spreading so easily around an office. With such a concentrated collection of people in a single office, it is easy to see how illness can spread quickly through businesses.

Make The Right Impression

If you have customers visit your premises then the last thing you want them to see is a dirty and unclean office. Cleaning your office yourself may not yield the results you desire and asking employees to do it can lead to injury and illness, and ultimately to your being sued. Cleaning is rarely a part of your workforce's job description and it is best left to the professionals to ensure a clean environment and a professional finish. Choosing professional office cleaning services means finding the company that offers the best service at the most affordable prices. Preparing a check list of what you need from a reliable cleaning company would be a really sensible starting point as it allows you to be prepared and defines what you require before any potential contractors arrive to quote

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services can clean all the areas of your office. As well as cleaning the floors and desks, they can clean the insides of windows, mop kitchen and toilet floors, and clean surfaces in these area to prevent the spread of bacteria and give a sparkling shine to any room and to any office. Whether your office employs 5 or 500 people you should always ensure that you consider professional office cleaning services.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Clean the Range Hood - Martha Stewart

Don't forget to look up over your stovetop! The range hood and stainless steel can collect dust and grease. Follow these steps and it will be sparkling clean.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Services

Dirty and untidy businesses are noticeable to customers, as well as important clients. How your business presents itself can speak volumes about who the company is, and a lot about the people in charge. Although it might be time consuming, taking the time to find the right commercial cleaning company for your business will not only save you time and money, but will lead to far fewer headaches down the line.

If you are looking into hiring a commercial cleaning service for your company there might be some factors you want to consider. Whether you are looking on a bulletin board, the phone book, the internet, or the newspaper, finding a qualified, professional cleaning service may prove difficult. But if you know what to look for, and put the time into the search, as you would any important decision, you will end up with the right qualified cleaning company that will help take your business to new levels of professionalism.

There are two types of companies offering janitorial services: large chains, and smaller, privately-owned companies. Each type of company has its pros and cons. Large cleaning companies may offer better equipment and usually more efficient services, but sometimes they can be quite expensive. Smaller commercial cleaning companies, on the other hand, can often be less expensive, may or may not do the same quality work, and sometimes offer more custom services. To make the best decision for your company, you first need to understand your cleaning needs before contacting any company to find out the best fit.

Another important step in finding a commercial cleaning service is checking references. This can be a sure-fire way to hear first hand what kind of company this is, and what kind of services they offer. Make sure when in the evaluation process that you ask for references, and check them out thoroughly. Another step you can take to protect yourself would be to ask the cleaning company if they offer insurance. Many commercial cleaning companies offer certified bond insurance, which is insurance money set aside to be used in case of broken, damaged, or lost property of their clients. Make sure when you're in the evaluation process that they verify proof of their certified bond insurance.

The final step of the evaluation is finalizing a contract together. Make sure that everything that you had discussed and agreed upon is in the contract, including how often, and to what extent, they will be rendering their services. Most importantly, make sure that you make provisions in the contract, to be able to drop the service, if you do not find they have lived up to their end of the bargain. All in all, this may seem like a complicated process, but after you have found the right company, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you did everything necessary to hire the right professional cleaning service for your business.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Enjoy a Clean, Productive Work Environment With Help From Professional Office Cleaning Services

Your work space should fulfill two basic roles: it should represent your business well and it should foster good workplace attitude and productivity. When your office space is dirty or unkempt, that not only reflects poorly on the organization, but it also makes it more difficult for workers to complete their tasks. In order to address both of these issues, contact your local commercial cleaning services provider to find out about the various office cleaning options available. When you contact a cleaning company to help maintain your workplace, you're sending a positive message to anyone who visits the space, and to the people who work there. These cleaning experts will be able to help with both regular cleaning services and other, less frequent cleaning tasks--whatever you need done, they'll provide competent, timely service to keep your workplace running smoothly and looking good.

Maintaining cleanliness on a daily basis in the workplace is extremely important. If there is excess trash, grime, or odors in an office space, no one is going to look forward to coming to work there. Those elements not only create an unpleasant environment, but they also serve as distractions to workers, which means that workers will have a more difficult time doing their work. In addition to that, no client is going to want to do business with a company that doesn't take care of the space that it occupies. The good news is that office cleaning experts are able to provide regular cleaning and janitorial services to address any workplace cleaning tasks that you need to have managed. Every office space is different, so the first thing to do is to determine exactly what you need done, and how often. Your cleaning service representative will be able to work with you to figure out the best setup for your company so that your workplace stays clean, pleasant, and positive.

In addition to providing regular cleaning options, professional cleaning services can also help your company coordinate less frequent cleaning tasks that are just as necessary as the daily ones. Whether you want to employ these experts to clean all the office carpets once a year or to do bi-monthly window cleaning, your cleaning professionals can help you with any job. These larger tasks may not need to be done as frequently as cleaning the office bathrooms, for example, but they are no less instrumental in demonstrating your care for your workers and your clients. Doing these types of large-scale tasks can help to periodically invigorate the workplace with new energy and can also be instrumental in presenting the space and the company in the best light possible if there's any kind of special event happening. Whatever your reason for doing a big cleaning task, your office cleaning service will make sure that it's done impeccably so as to best show off and benefit your company.

Keeping your office space clean can make a huge difference in how people feel about working there and how clients feel about doing business there. In order to keep your workplace looking nice and running smoothly, contact your local professional cleaning services provider. These experts will be able to assist you with regular cleaning and janitorial services, such as keeping your restrooms clean, and with less frequent cleaning tasks, like carpet cleaning. Call a cleaning service company today to see how they can help you and your business.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

6 Simple Habits for a Cleaner Home That You Can Start Today!

If you feel crazy overwhelmed with keeping on top of daily housekeeping (let alone cleaning!) this video will help ease that.

Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Hire Quality Janitorial Services For Your Company

When you own a large business it is very important to choose the right janitorial services that will best fit the needs of your organization and the needs of your customers. Janitorial services are not just a way of keeping your business and offices clean, it goes into the whole philosophy of the business. If your business is clean and meticulously organized, then clients will see your business as a legitimate and successful organization, and will want to do business with you. However, janitorial services are not always cheap and if your business wants to be competitive you need to be mindful of the costs.

Many small businesses may not have enough work to justify employing a janitor, or an entire team of janitors. The cost of the business, labor, and production might be already too much to afford keeping a permanent janitor or janitors on staff. This is why hiring a janitorial cleaning service can be very cost effective. Janitorial services are excellent for small businesses because you get to hire them on a contract basis. This way you don't have to worry about paying benefits, and you don't have to worry about insurance or retirement options, like you would have with a full time janitor on payroll.

We all know that there are thousands of cleaning services out there, but how do you go about choosing the right one? Well first off, you need to choose the service that best fits your company's needs. How often is your business going to require these services? Once a day, once a week, multiple times throughout the day? How much are you willing to spend for this service to be done? Many janitorial services differ in price and performance, so these are options that you will definitely want to weigh ahead of time. If your company needs specialized services, like carpet shampooing, or doing maintenance work, this will be an integral component in finding the services that best fit your needs.

There are thousands of janitorial services out there so you need to make sure you choose one that can maintain the philosophy and professional image of your business. Your company should also employ background checks on all individuals that are going to be working at your business. Even though you are hiring an outside service, the individuals that work for the service work for you, and while they're in your property, they should be expected to follow the same procedures as everyone else in your organization. A quality cleaning service should provide floor cleaning, resurfacing, bathroom sanitizing, quality class cleaning, carpet care, garbage removal and other valuable services. When finding a janitorial company for your business, make sure to be thorough in your search and always check for references.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to Clean with Lemon - Martha Stewart

Did you realize that lemon can be one of your favorite cleaning products? From polishing copper to freshening your dishwasher we've compiled some of our favorite organic cleaning solutions using this popular member citrus family.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tips For Choosing A Reliable Janitorial Service

Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, the need for cleaning services is the same. Making sure your employees have time to focus on their work instead of sweeping and other cleaning tasks is important to your profits. Learn more about how to choose the best cleaning and janitorial service.

Learn more about the track record a company has by checking their references. Today, looking at customer satisfaction related to a particular company is as easy as visiting their website. Many customer testimonials are generally posted on these sites for helping you make a good choice.

Many business owners are making greener choices in their manufacturing processes. Consider as well the janitorial services using green products for cleaning. This can be fruitful for both the cleaning crew and your employees. Many products used traditionally contain chemicals that leave harmful residues. By choosing a crew using all natural products, you get the safest kind of clean.

Your needs should be the first consideration of the company you are considering for hire. You may need carpets and windows cleaned during an initial visit. Learning more about the standard fees for each task is important to save money. The last thing any business owner wants is unexpected fees for cleaning services.

Look for the company that offers a written guarantee for their work. You should also keep in mind the estimates given for your services over the phone. Be sure to only choose a company that sends someone out to look at your office or warehouse before setting a price. You can also avoid hidden fees by making price negotiations in person. The trained expert can look at your space and make a better, more informed price quote.

An industrial cleaning service should offer a wide variety of services. One quote for a larger building should include the charges for restrooms and cafeterias as well. You may have parts of your business under construction. The cleaning company you hire might also offer services for these areas. Making sure about all the services offered is the best way to get all your needs taken care of with one price.

Your employees can enjoy the greatest benefit of you hiring a qualified, expert janitorial service. Employees working in a clean and organized area are the ones that work more productively. For this reason, you might also think about opting into a cleaning maintenance contract with your cleaning service professionals.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Janitorial Service and Your Business

Janitors, when people think of them, we tend to think of the wisecracking janitor that worked in our high school or middle school. Although there is nothing wrong with a joke telling janitor, these days a janitorial service provides more than just good humor. They are also providing good cleaning for your business.

Many companies across the country have made the decision to hire a regular janitor for their cleaning needs. These companies have found that regular cleaning saves the company money, as opposed to hiring a one-time cleaning company. There are many schools of thought on the benefits of the janitorial service and what it can do for your business.

In some ways, a janitor is similar to a commercial cleaning company. Both companies are outside of the payroll and staffed business that they are cleaning. These companies tend to provide regular cleaning. They operate during regular business hours and doing a majority of their cleaning directly after business hours are over. A commercial cleaning company is generally thought of as an evening and weekend project hire. These companies come in to assist in big clean-up projects.

If you are looking for regular cleaning for your business or office building, consider hiring a janitorial service. These companies specialize in maintaining a clean environment for your business. They can cater to any work place and space. Janitors are comfortable dealing with any type of cleaning situation, large or small. They will also be able to cater to small and large businesses. Check with them during your initial phone conversation to see if your business is the right fit.

Janitorial service companies will also be able to bring their own equipment to the job site to save you from having to rent or purchase your won equipment. Floor buffers and waxing machines, vacuum cleaners and other specialty cleaning devices fall into this category. You may find that owning those cleaning devices will make your overall cost cheaper. Discuss this with the company when you get an estimate.

When hiring a janitor, try to find recommendations from other businesses, companies and employees. It is possible that one of your employees has connections to a janitor and could help secure cleaning for your business. Most likely you will find a recommendation or a referral from another business in the area. Make sure that it is a positive recommendation and that they have been completely happy with the cleaning provided to their business.

During your first conversation with the potential cleaning company, ask them about their licenses and insurance. You want to make sure you are dealing with a company that treats its employees well and has met all the business registration requirements for your city and state. Ask them what equipment they own and are willing to use at your business. Finally, check to see if they will come into your place of business for an estimate. You want an idea of the cost before signing any contracts.

Hiring a janitorial service does not have to be a difficult decision. Do a little research to find the right cleaning company for your business.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Clean a Microwave | Joey Kola | Martha Stewart

Martha and Joey Kola, stand-up artiste, demonstrate how to clean a microwave, one of the essential how-tos in Martha's "20 More Things Everyone Should Know" series.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Should Your Facility Contract-Out or Provide In-House Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services?

The bottom line of every efficient business should be how to maximize its profits in a manner that leads to the greatest potential future profitability. As a result, companies are always looking to alter their janitorial programs in such a way to minimize their expenses to boost their bottom line, while maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness. The following article will help shed light on the dirty business of deciding whether to contract out the cleaning services, or to take care of them in-house.

Does the Bottom Line Always Make Cents?

There are many hundreds of factors to consider when weighing how a company ought to best handle its' janitorial services. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we'll examine the large factors that most businesses need to consider for their janitorial programs.

Managing Your Options

The first question to consider is: Which member of your business will manage the janitorial program? If you do not have somebody within your company that is both readily equipped to manage all of the janitorial services and personnel AND still perform all of their other duties, then your company will have to take on a considerable additional expense to provide In-House Management. Professional cleaning companies already have management in place to handle services, personnel and any emergency issues that may arise at a moments notice. While it may certainly be cheaper to employ your own entry-level staff, a few extra costs come associated with that; training costs, hiring/firing costs and the previously mentioned management costs. These added together could already result in a company having higher costs than hiring a specialized janitorial service.

Additional considerations come with purchasing the proper equipment and chemicals necessary to carryout the work. While janitorial companies do factor in some amount of equipment and chemical usage, it is often much lower since they purchase their items in larger quantities and can easily transfer it to another facility if necessary.

It's None of Your Business

Often times companies go into business with the intent of selling certain goods or services as a means to generate sufficient revenue. What usually happens, however, is business owners and members of management end up spending large resources, staffing and time carrying out miscellaneous functions that are necessary to run the day-to-day activities of a business. This takes away from time and energy that could be spent growing your actual business. The companies that are most successful and are able to continue growing at rapid rates are generally those who focus all or most of their resources and energy on exactly what their business is supposed to do. An article from goes further into how a business should evaluate what other processes should be considered for outsourcing.

Do What you Know, and Let the Rest Go

The final test is to contact some local janitorial service companies and ask them about how they can help your business grow. Be specific on not only what services you would like but also what type of budget your are looking to stay within. Companies are often hesitant to give out budget information, but by discussing it with a trusted cleaning professional, they can work out a janitorial program that best accommodates both your budget and facility needs. A trusted professional will take the worry of cleaning off your plate, so your business can focus on what it does best.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Clean the Stovetop - Martha Stewart

Spills and splashes from cooking on your stovetop can get messy. These great tips can get the stovetop looking as good as new

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Commercial Cleaning Services Helping Your Business

Undoubtedly your business's floors and bathrooms need to be clean. They are high traffic areas in all businesses, no matter what your industry might be. A commercial cleaning company might be just what you need to operate safely and efficiently. Everyday janitorial tasks simply must be performed. That is what leads business owners to decide on how to handle routine tasks such as cleaning bathrooms to the less frequent tasks such as exterior painting. Time after time, business owners have found that it is cost efficient and time is saved due to outsourcing these tasks to companies that provide these services. While there are many reasons your business might want to hire a commercial cleaning company, there are 3 main reasons that we will discuss today.

The first is productivity. You've hired your employees to do a job, and that seldom involves waxing the floors and performing routine cleaning activities. So, it makes little sense to have somebody that handles a task such as inventory control to take time out of their day and do sweeping and mopping. You most likely would be overpaying for the service if you put a calculator to it. This does not even take into account that your employee will most likely will resent the fact that they have been relegated to a job that they consider below them and would likely do less than a proper job. We've all seen plenty of businesses where you can tell that employees are required to pitch in to do the cleaning. In most cases, it's not hard to tell that professionals are not involved.

The second is health and safety. It's not a secret that cleanliness promotes good health. Go to any hospital in the country and you will notice that they have hand sanitizer on practically every wall in the building. They have procedures to properly handle soiled sheets and other materials. They also have the equipment to handle just about any cleaning needed throughout the hospital. Even if your business is not a hospital, there is something that should be taken from the extraordinary cleanliness of a hospital: it is that they take every precaution to prevent the spread of disease. The flu is most likely a better example for your business. A clean workplace can help prevent the flu spread around your office. A nasty bug gets around and you'll find yourself scrambling to fill the shoes of your employees needed to run daily operations.

The last one is cost efficiency. Surviving in the business world means offering the best product or service at the best price available to the consumer. This general law applies to keeping your business clean and presentable to customers all the same. Purchasing all the tools and supplies to properly clean and maintain your building or business is never cheap. And, as we touched on before, using your well paid employee to do general janitorial work is not cost efficient either. You put these together and you have a substantial cost to keep everything the way it needs to be. On the other hand, commercial cleaning companies specialize in the service and can offer a better job at a cheaper rate. Saving time and money is the key here.

The next time you look around and see your business in less than their ideal clean conditions, consider getting a quote from the pros that offer the service in your area. You might be surprised.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Standard Contract for Janitorial Services

Every office can benefit from some form of commercial cleaning. "Janitorial services" is an umbrella term that refers to all cleaning, such as customizable maid services, commercial contracts for construction or other specific task cleanup, and building maintenance with facility cleaning services. These services cover all bases, and they do so with a standard contract of services and agreed terms for performance of the outlined duties. The duties are standardized so that clients know what to expect. The staff is prepared through training to accurately and safely administer cleaning solutions and cleaning tools particular to surfaces such as flooring, upholstery, counters and equipment found in an office, for example. Commercial janitorial services pride themselves on being able to provide the best cleaning in your area; their reputation is everything to the success of their business. So they drum up a standard contract to ensure exceptional customer service for all of the businesses for which they provide cleaning overhauls, repairs and checks to.

When it comes to janitorial services, their reputation is always of the utmost importance, but there are several privately owned companies that can provide cleaning services to your business. So how do choose one over the others?

First, you can create a list of the requirements you have for the office services you need. Next, you can try out several companies that you believe can provide the best fit for your business. Once you've invited a company to your offices. They will provide you with a contract of janitorial services that outlines the routine cleaning, special flooring surface cleaning such as carpets, tiles or hardwood, and even special outside window cleaning.

A contract is important to any business transaction. The details of the agreement are critical. You want to be able to document the cleaning tasks, the protocol for office procedures (especially with regard to expensive appliances and equipment), the payment, and the duration of the contract. All of the employees from the janitorial company will know what to do, and any office manager during the duration of the contract will know what to expect. You can in some cases have only a verbal agreement, but you might wish to have an itemized document that will illustrate what each side expects to receive. There is no reason to be unclear about the agreement for services that is made between a good cleaning service and a clean, functional office.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to Clean Your Computer - Martha Stewart

If you use your computer or laptop daily, chances are it's due for a cleaning. From keyboard to mouse, here are the safest, most effective techniques for getting your devices clean and sanitized.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Janitorial Cleaning Services Are A Necessity For Any Business

Most large companies or businesses use some type of janitorial cleaning services to keep their buildings in great shape. There are many benefits and reasons why someone would use this type of company. Top notch janitorial cleaning services are usually full service companies, with highly trained employees and responsive management teams that are able to implement excellent cleaning services at competitive prices.

Many of these companies rely on word of mouth and customer referrals, so it benefits them to perform to the best of their ability and offer great prices. Many people like the fact that cleaning contracts can be tailored to meet their own personal needs, so they are getting exactly what they want and are not paying for things they do not need or will not use. Most janitorial cleaning services offer a variety of options for their customers, including routine cleaning, carpet care, floor care, emergency response, and finishing work on construction sites.

Although customers have the option to customize their package, they have many options available to them. Some of the options they can choose from include sanitizing and disinfecting of restrooms, trash collection and removal, recycling, stair and elevator sanitizing, dusting, scrubbing and mopping of floors, vacuuming, and window washing.

Floor care is extremely important for many businesses as well. Many janitorial cleaning services provide maintenance for all types of floors, including hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic. A routine program would include floor enhancement, stripping and refinishing, tile and grout restoration, and concrete sealing. Of course this would be performed with high quality equipment, including scrubbers, burnishes, and high-speed buffers.

Many companies offer a final tidy up for construction sites. This includes interior and exterior window washing, removal of debris, vinyl tile finishing, ceramic tile grout restoration and sealing, carpet care, dusting, and vacuuming. Another important thing for business owners is to be prepared for emergencies. These types of problems usually occur when we least expect it, which is why they are considered emergencies. Emergency response can include things like water extraction, structural and content drying, permanent repairs and restoration, and temporary staffing.

Every reputable company should also have a good safety plan in place. This should be readily available at a client's request. There are strict standards that need to be followed by any company that uses any types of chemicals; so making sure a company is OSHA compliant is important. Making sure that a company is licensed and insured is also important. Most of these companies will also give prospective customers a free quote when they call for information.

Regardless of your business sanitation needs, it is important to check referrals and references when you are considering different janitorial cleaning services. Every business is run differently, so it is usually helpful to speak with someone who is familiar with a company. Considering things like price, options offered, and reliability are always important when making a business decision. If a company meets all of your requirements, then they will most likely be a good fit for you.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why You Should Hire a Janitorial Service

So why would you spend the money on a janitorial service when you can have someone in-house do all your cleaning and maintenance? It's a good question that, when examined a bit, is fairly easy to answer.

If you're a business owner you probably already know that appearances are sometimes just as important as the quality of the work you provide. This is especially true if you have a business where customers are constantly in and out of your offices. The last thing you need is for a client to walk into your establishment and go right back out the door because of some foul odor or general untidiness.

Now, you can always have one of your employees take a day or two a week to vacuum, dust, take out the garbage, clean the windows, etc. And it may seem like a non-issue if you've got a huge staff on hand. But what if you're a small business with only a handful of employees? Can you really afford to take one employee away from their regular duties just to clean house? And if you think about it, a large staff probably means a larger workspace, which means a lot more time involved with cleaning. It's all relative. You're still taking someone away from the job they were hired to do.

Hiring a professional janitorial service to take the cleaning and maintenance off your hands may seem like it's a cost you can do without. But freeing up those one or two employees to do their actual jobs, the job of making you money, is actually saving you money in the long run. Plus, other than a superficial cleaning, what do your employees really know about professional grade cleaning services? It's one thing to mop up a spill or vacuum an area but what about the hidden messes, the deep stains, the areas that can accumulate bacteria and can cause mold or fungus? Odds are your employee isn't going to catch those areas.

What a professional janitorial service can offer you is knowledge and training. These companies have technicians who are trained in a number of different cleaning and maintenance areas. Many companies offer services for the inside and outside of your business, from cleaning bathrooms to landscaping, from changing filters and light bulbs to cleaning the windows of a high rise. These are the people who know not only how to get the stain up but to keep it from coming back. They understand disinfecting and how to keep mold and fungus from becoming a health risk to you and your employees. They've got the tools and they've got the experience.

So then, why would you spend the money on a janitorial service when you can have someone in-house do all your cleaning and maintenance? Simply put, janitorial services know the job better than you do. And while the technicians are cleaning and maintaining your establishment, your employees are doing what they were hired to do. Rather than dealing with cleanup, they are corresponding with clients, drawing up paperwork, networking, and basically moving the money making machine that is your company.

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