Saturday, January 30, 2016

Keep Your Home Clean and Dirt-Free - Hire Professional Cleaning Services

For a lot of people, professional home cleaning service is a mere luxury, which they can easily go without. Although you must spend a little for appointing home clean-up agencies, the benefits of doing so generally outweighs the fiscal outlay. Although you can always do these household chores on your own, we generally lack the essential skills and time to complete the task to perfection. Besides leaving you stressed and exhausted at the end of the day, there are also chances of potential damage.

On the other hand, an expert clean-up agency provides you with valuable services, which you can easily rely upon. Besides saving you a lot of time and energy, they help you in enjoying a clean and healthy environment. When you return home from work, it feels great to enter a place that's clean and fragrant. Due to these reasons, a lot of homeowners as well as business overseers choose professional property cleaning services.

When looking for these service providers, you'll come across many options in the market, offering different types of services to their prospective customers. Nevertheless, not all of them have the skills and dexterity to meet your level of expectation. There are many companies that promise top-notch services, but fail to keep their words. Naturally, it only makes sense to stay away from such deceitful activities. Here are a few vital things that you must consider when choosing a home cleaning company.

When you opt for professional house cleaning services, you'll notice that they follow a special way of cleaning your property. Besides, they also offer a range of services like office cleaning, domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning and also end-of-lease cleaning. Before beginning with the cleaning process, the agency must give you details on their cleaning set-ups as well as fee estimation. This should help you in settling on the service that you need for your house. Moreover, when choosing a clean-up agency, it's important to check whether they have a system that assures quality services.

Before proceeding with the cleaning method, it's advisable to know about a few important things, chiefly because you own the property. This way, you make sure that they complete the task more quickly and efficiently. The agreement must entail all the cleaning services and systems offered by the company. This way, it'll be easier for you to avoid any future hassle. As a general rule of the thumb, consider appointing an agency with good name and reputation in the market. Although there are many agencies that make tall pledges to their clients, only a few of them truly keep their words. So, stay cautious and make a sensible choice.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mildew Eraser - DIY Cleaners

If mildew is a problem in the bathroom, there’s a simple solution you can apply to the affected area to eliminate it. The combination is quite powerful!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Purpose Of Having Professional Office Cleaning Services

In today's society that is affected by disease and sickness, which is passed on by physical or oral contact, office cleaning is extremely important. This business is necessary to help keep disease from increasing and also to make sure that you aren't accountable for any unfavorable development in your employees health conditions.

Some minor things such as touching the handle of a microwave or coffeepots at the office can lead to illness. When you are making plans to get janitorial services for commercial cleaning, this can be undertaken on your own or you can easily opt to hire professionals. These days, you can find many professional cleaning services.

The professional cleaners will use products which are tested inside a laboratory according to your choice of solutions. These are also environmentally friendly. It's not uncommon for employees to give thought to cleaning systems, because they are fully aware that it is not safe to live in unhygienic conditions, so it is important to clean on a regular basis.

At this time, many office buildings across the world retain the services of cleaning services which handle all the minimal needs such as sweeping, dusting, removing trash, disinfecting and vacuuming the common work environment.

It is actually much better to make investments in services for facility cleaning instead of coping with the loss of 1000s of dollars when you have to spend money for the alleviation of health issues caused by unhygienic environments. This is definitely a requirement which cannot be overlooked. It is important to set up a frequent disinfection routine to clean all the areas in a workspace and also use green cleaning processes.

In addition to the personal issues, it's smart to think about and include office cleaning in the business schedule. This will require equal support from co-workers and employers. It's important to recognize that a good amount of time will be spent daily in the office, so the interaction at workstations could expose young children and various other family members to certain health conditions.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Draft Your Move Out Plan - How To Clean Your Rental House

Want to do move out cleaning all on your own? Worrying about the bond return and thinking about choosing professional cleaning services? Below is the easiest way to draft your shifting plan.

Move out cleaning will be a hard step. You have to handle all the work for your bond money payback by convincing the property owner about the cleanliness you maintained while living at his property. You have to choose a good company for such services, the company best at satisfying you and the owner. There are always various companies who claim to be best from the rest. The paramount way is to prioritize your needs and make the most proper decision.

Be vigilant about the company you are hiring, it must own following qualities and traits:

• They must be professional

• Must have immense experience

• Hardworking crew

• Possess modern technology equipment

• Reputable name

• Reliable

• Have quality of work

• Provide all services in time

• Very good consumer reviews

• Pay full concentration to their work

• Able to get back your bond money

Companies give the same services under various names such as:

• Bond return cleaning

• Vacating house cleaning

• Exit cleaning

• Move out cleaning

You must also ask if the company provides complimentary services like:

• Washing windows: cleaning of windows and window sills. Removal of the dust and thorough scrubbing with solutions.

• Cleaning of kitchen: washing of kitchen thoroughly and neatly. They clean oven and range hood. Remove stains and dirt from it. Make it shiny and perfect. Clean the shelf and cupboards.

• Bathroom cleaning: scouring of bathroom floor. Polish all the taps and shower. Clean the mirror. They clean tiles also.

• Mopping and vacuuming of all floors: they clean the entire floor by mopping. They also vacuum carpets for better results.

• Light fitting: cleaning all the light fittings and switches.

• Spot removal from wall: remove all the spots like fat, sweat stains from hands, pencils and from other sources.

• Cupboard wipeout: polishing and wiping cupboard inside and outside. Complete removal of cobwebs inside the cupboard.

• Clean ceiling: scouring the roof, removing cobwebs and dust.

• Clean skirting board: cleansing and polishing skirting boards.

• Carpet washing: dusting carpets and removing stains from it. Also repair the carpet if needed.

It does not seem right to give time to the property you are going to leave shortly, especially when the new accommodation needs more of your attention. Keeping in mind all the above suggestions, you can trust on a company that offers premium services at affordable prices. Only hire a company that cares for its customers.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cleaning Tips For Smelly Houses

Stinky smells can arise from a variety of sources: pets, mildew, smoke, trash... The worst part is, even if you clean every day and your home is spotless, a random smell can make buyers and visitors think your home is unclean or worn out.

When staging a home, I try to think with all 5 senses, and smell tends to be the easiest for homeowners to miss. After a while, our noses become immune to certain smells, and the stink can take over. Having a clean smelling house goes a long way in first impressions with buyers.

However, the old adage of baking cookies or using potpourri is lacking. What about the unplanned visit? You don't always have time to throw a dozen cookies in the oven. Or what about the buyers who are sensitive to smells? Potpourri can make the experience of being in your home a nightmare.

Rather than covering up smells, I always suggest cleaning them or neutralizing them. If you just cover up a smell, it will come back. If you clean it, you have a better chance of eliminating it, or at least lessening it so you can cover it up.

As the first in the three part series on eliminating smells from your home, we will discuss flooring surfaces because it is the first place to attack when trying to eliminate smells. Daily traffic brings in mud, pets use floors as bathrooms, and typical cleaning isn't enough to get all the smell causing grime out.

I have used all of the products below and find them to be very effective. I tried to include both inexpensive solutions and name brand products. Although the brands tend to work a little better as they have more active ingredients, the cheaper solutions are remarkably effective and great for those on a budget. As a disclaimer: Please always do a test area before using any product on any surface.

Cleaning Hard Floors

Homeowners often overlook hard floors as sources of smells because they assume hard surfaces cannot absorb odor. However, all flooring surfaces are porous, and those tiny holes will soak in anything that lands on them, just like carpet. The three basic cleaning techniques for hard floors are:
1. Sweep with Baking Soda: Sweep all floors. Spread baking soda all over the floor. Let it sit overnight and then sweep in the morning again.
2. Mop with Vinegar and Water (Okay for hardwoods, tile, linoleum, etc): Whip up a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar and 30 ounces of warm water. Put in a recycled spray bottle, and then spray on a cotton rag or towel until lightly damp. Then mop your floors, scrubbing away any grime.
3. Mop with Bleach and Water (Tile and linoleum ONLY): An effective sanitizer is a weak bleach/water solution. Put on some gloves to protect your hands-you don't want any bleach to come in contact with your body. Work in a well-ventilated area because the fumes should not be inhaled. Mix: ¼ teaspoon bleach with 4 cups cold water.

Best Hard Floor Odor Absorbers

-Baking Soda
-Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Deodorizer ($5): Works great on hard floors, also!
-Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, 1 Gal ($25): You can mop with this as a final clean to neutralize any remaining pet odors.

Vacuuming Carpets

Vacuuming is a chore no one likes to do, and as a result we often rush through it. When trying to get odors out, it is important to follow these steps:
Step One: Vacuum slowly and deliberately. Imagine you are driving a Zamboni at a hockey rink, taking deliberately slow steps. Pay particular attention to corners and where the wall meets the floor and doorways. You are trying to get as much hair, dirt, dander, and allergens up as possible. Don't forget to vacuum under your furniture.
Step Two: Spread an odor absorbing powder on the carpet and let it sit overnight.
Step Three: In the morning, vacuum slowly and deliberately again. The powder will absorb any scents the vacuum missed.

Best Vacuuming Odor Absorbers

-Baking Soda
-Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Deodorizer ($5)

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Before steam cleaning, always vacuum first. I like to take deep cleaning a step at a time, going from the most basic to the most involved because homeowners are busy enough as it is. Although steam cleaners can cost between $20 and $50 to rent, it may be a worthy investment to get rid of difficult odors, especially if stains are present. The directions vary, but typically you should expect it to work like a vacuum with three steps:
Step One: Use the steam cleaner to apply the solution to the carpet, making it wet but not soaking.
Step Two: Vacuum up the wet solution with the steam cleaner.
Step Three: Let it dry over night, making sure not to allow anyone or anything to walk on the carpet.

Best Steam Cleaning Solutions

-Vinegar Only Option: The vinegar only smells while wet, and as an added bonus, it doesn't leave behind a residue. Use in a 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water ratio.
-OxiClean ($6) + Vinegar Option: Use one scoop of OxiClean Stain Remover ($6), one cup of Febreze Extra Strength ($5) OR one cup of vinegar, and the recommended hot water. The outcome is not only clean, but it also kills all odors.
-Bissell 2X Pet Stain and Odor Advanced Formula ($15): Works great for all stains, not just pets. If you do have pet stains, it helps remove the making scent and discourages pets from resoling the area.

In the second of the three part series on eliminating odors from homes, we will focus on soft surfaces, walls, kitchens and bathrooms - the trickiest parts of a home to clean. We've all been there: something smells irritably awful in our home. We walk around, using our nose like a bloodhound, trying to hunt down the source of the offending odor only to find it hiding in something we're just not sure how to clean. Carpets and floors are easy - but things like sofas, curtains, and walls can be daunting.

Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Mist upholstery with any of the following products to make upholstery smell fresher. You can also use the products on draperies. Products are listed from least expensive to most expensive.
-Vinegar: The vinegar only smells while wet, and as an added bonus, it doesn't leave behind a residue. Use in a 1 vinegar to 10 water ratio.
-Febreze Linen and Sky ($6 each): I know their marketing comes on a little strong, but Febreze really does work! PLEASE be careful which Febreze scent you chose. I always suggest scents with "cotton" or "linen" in the title, as those are the lightest and least offensive to picky noses.
-Febreze Extra Strength ($5): Although it goes against my scent selection rule, I find this helps permanently remove tricky odors better than regular Febreze. The downside: the scent isn't everyone's cup of tea, so it's best to use it when you have a few days to let the smell fade.
-Nature's Miracle ($11): One of my all time favorites for removing tough pet odors. You can use it just like Febreze, but it is specially formulated to work on pet odors. It even has a fresh, clean scent!

Wash Curtains, Drapes, and Bed Linens

Curtains, drapes, and bed linens like bedspreads are items homeowners rarely clean. They tend to hang out in the background, and we forget how many odors they are capable of absorbing. I like to clean my fabrics once yearly to remove all the dust and grime, but if you are noticing a persistent odor and you aren't sure where it is coming from, curtains, drapes, and bed linens are often the culprit. Sometimes you have to dry clean them, but often you can place them in the laundry with your regular detergent, following the care instructions on the tags.

Wash the Walls

Cleaning walls not only works, but it's a lot cheaper than repainting! If you don't have time to wash all of your walls, you can use this process to spot clean particularly dirty area. Remember: Only wash walls that are wall-papered or painted in satin, semi-gloss or glass finishes (NEVER flat paint, and only sometimes eggshell). For cleaning textured walls, use nylon socks instead of a sponge or cloth to avoid leaving material chunks behind. And because walls are more sensitive to liquid, ALWAYS test a small area first.
Step One: Move all furniture, pictures, etc... away from the walls.
Step Two: Find a starting corner, and work your way around the room, top to bottom using a mop or damp cloth.
Step Three: Wipe with clean water.
Step Four: Dry cleaned walls with a towel.

Wall Cleaning Formulas

-Ammonia Formula: Use clear ammonia, which is generally sold in janitorial supply stores. Because of its strong odor, only use it in well-ventilated areas. Mix 1 to 2 cups of ammonia per gallon of water. Using cool water is best as it creates fewer fumes.
-Ammonia, Vinegar, and Baking Soda Formula: If you are worried about pets soiling the walls (ammonia is the main ingredient in urine), this formula works best. Mix ½ cup ammonia, ¼ cup white vinegar, and ¼ cup baking soda to 1 gallon warm water.
-Woolite for All Delicates ($6): This is the simplest to make and the gentlest cleaner. Use a capful of Woolite in a bucket of water.
-Mr. Clean Extra Power Magic Eraser ($10 for 8): Use a Mr. Clean Magic Sponge on any tough spots or to spot clean. This will keep your walls looking great, and eliminate painting as often.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning

There are a million bathroom cleaning products on the market, but I've found a few that work better than others at getting bathrooms and kitchens clean AND smelling great. Also note, the bathroom and kitchen are the only room in the house where I would use citrus scented products for a freshly cleaned smell.

Lysol Basin, Tub, and Tile Cleaner with Citrus Scent ($5): I use this on all my surfaces as it is effective, gentle, and removes germs.
-Formula 409 Natural Stone Cleaner ($5): If you have granite, marble, or travertine surfaces in your kitchen or bath, this product is both cost effective and cleaning effective.
-Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, Lemon Scent ($8 each): I have a glass enclosed shower, and nothing removes the water spots and stains like Scrubbing Bubbles, a sponge, and a squeegee. It's the only thing that works for me, and there is no elbow grease involved. The scent is always fresh and clean.
-Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($3 each): Keep one under every bathroom sink in your house for easy access and cleaning! It removes all the stains, and in my experience, it helps PREVENT odors from forming.
-Windex Glass Cleaner ($5): No bathroom is clean without a sparkling mirror, and Windex is a great old standby. Generics work just as well, but can leave more streaks if you aren't careful. You can use this on polished nickel surfaces, also.

In the final part of our cleaning series, we will discuss how to maintain a freshly-cleaned scent now that you have fully cleaned your home. Long term odor control solutions deal with absorbing offending odors before they have a chance to penetrate the floors, walls, fabrics, and other surfaces of your home. Air freshening solutions are great for quick pick-me-ups. Used in conjunction, these solutions will help keep your home smelling as fresh as it was when you first cleaned it.

Odor Controlling Solutions

-FRIDGE IT Carbon Odor Absorbers ($3.95 each): These don't have a scent themselves, but they help to eliminate odor by absorbing it the same way baking soda works in a refrigerator. You can hide them in decorative vases, baskets, or bowls in extra-stinky areas of your home like the kitchen, bathroom, mud room, pet area, or kids' playroom.
-Holmes® True HEPA Allergen Remover ($100): Most air purifiers don't work, and some are even bad for you. The ionizers create ozone, which actually harms your lungs. The Holmes line with carbon Arm & Hammer®-enhanced filters work amazingly well. There are 4 speeds to allow for a quiet run, and they even control the odor from my cats' litter box!

Air Freshening Solutions

Try to keep the air in your home as fresh as possible. If you use air fresheners, I suggest scents with "linen" or "cotton" in the title as they tend to be lighter and less offensive to people with sensitive noses.
-Fresh Air: Keep windows open as much as possible, letting in fresh air.
-Febreze NOTICEables Alternating Scent Oil Warmer, Clothesline Breeze & Meadow Songs ($9 each): I prefer the Febreze NOTICEable line because the scents are light and they last longer than most plug-in style fresheners.
-Febreze Air Effects ($9.99 for 3 pack): Great for quick touch-ups, but not for consistent use.
-Glade Sense and Spray Clean Linen Scent ($9.99 each): I love this product as it works like typical scent sprayers, but it's automatic and doesn't use more than necessary. DO NOT put it where it will spray on people, and always put it away before a showing.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

If you have an office you should hire a commercial cleaning company to do the work for you. Hiring a cleaning company doesn't mean that you are lazy or unbothered; it means that you understand the benefits that come with hiring the professional. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Productivity

The cleaning process takes a lot of time. When you hire a cleaning company you have a lot of time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. For example, you can concentrate on getting clients. This increases productivity and subsequent growth of your company.

Convenience And Cost-Effectiveness

While you can hire a full-time cleaner, most full-time cleaners are inconvenient and expensive. For example, when the cleaner is sick it means that the office won't be cleaned.

In addition to paying the cleaner his/her salary, you also have to provide other benefits such as health insurance and holiday perks. This can be expensive on your part.

Commercial cleaning companies have many employees thus you are guaranteed that your office will be cleaned. You also don't have to give the cleaners additional benefits. This saves you a lot of money.

Peace Of Mind

Since you will be working with a professional company, you have peace of mind as you know that the work will be done without your supervision.

High Standards Of Cleanliness

Cleaning companies have well trained cleaners thus they will not only clean your office, they will also clean it professionals. The companies also have specialized machines that give your office a splendid look.

The companies also use certified products and chemicals. This leaves your office clean and safe to work in. The clean nature of your place of work gives you a great impression which contributes to the growth of your business.

Employee morale

Have you ever worked in a dirty area? You most likely don't feel like working, right? Professional cleaning companies will thoroughly clean the office space thus your employees will have a clean fresh place to work in which will increase their working morale. This increases productivity thus growing your company.

How to Hire a cleaning company

While there are many cleaning companies that you can hire, not all of them are ideal for you. Before you sign a contract with any company, you should do background checks about the company that you want to hire. You should research how the company works and quality of services offered.

To be sure that you get excellent services, you should interview some of the employees and confirm that they are regularly trained. You should also take a look at the cleaning machines and ensure that they are efficient and modern.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY Hand Sanitizer

If you love the idea of hand sanitizer but want to make your own, try this gentle and moisturizing (and great smelling) solution. Store in a squeeze bottle and keep in your purse, car, diaper bag or wherever you think you’ll need it!

Friday, January 8, 2016

DIY Rust Remover

If you notice a little rust spot, tackle it as soon as you can! Also, the item which got rusty needs to be hand washed and dried as opposed to exposed to moisture to avoid oxidization.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaning Company

It's all about getting someone else to do your cleaning, not because you're lazy or can't be bothered, because you're busy.
Cleaning companies are of course ideal for the job as it is what they do best. They are professional cleaners and will most definitely have the best equipment. They are also bound to have a good amount of experience, so no job will ever be hard for them to tackle. Big or small messes are all the same to cleaning companies.
From a business point of view it is going to benefit the office and the employees if a cleaning company was to become part of the business.
I believe that it is important to have a clean, neat and tidy work area because it will be a more professional place to work, it will help employees to be more organised and it is also part of health and safety.
The Benefits Of A Cleaning Company In The Office:
  • The business can focus on more important areas of the business that cleaning, areas that will generate more of a profit.
  • Costs will be reduced. By having a professional cleaner in the office who has their own equipment it means as a business you won't have to buy your own vacuum,mop etc.
  • You will have a reliable and stable service.
  • Morale in the office will be high. People working in a clean office are going to be happier about their job, if you were to work in a messy office which was dirty would you want to work and be happy?
These benefits are for those in offices and more for businesses but in a general overlook at the benefits of a cleaning company there are many.
  1. They are perfect for a busy schedule.
  2. It allows you to focus on other things in your life.
  3. If the cleaning is for a house, you can come home to a clean house.
  4. Very easy to find, cleaning companies are everywhere!
  5. You know you can rely on them, they are professional.
  6. They are going to have experience and be experts at the job
  7. You can agree with them a custom cleaning plan, this way you can still know that the cleaning is getting done in a way that you want.
So I believe hiring a cleaner is a great idea, there are so many benefits to it and it means one less thing for you to do.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

How To Clean A Laptop

Laptops can get disgusting and according to some studies can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat - so in this video we're sharing some safe and effective tips to keep your laptop in clean and in tip top shape!