Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tin Foil / Aluminum Foil Hacks!

Tin foil, or aluminum foil, does a lot more than line your baking sheets. You can trap grease, scrub pans, up your laundry game and so much more with nothing more than a sheet or two of the shiny stuff. In this video we share some handy hacks using aluminum / tin foil!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Plan a Thanksgiving Meal

Planning a Thanksgiving meal involves creating a menu, shopping early to avoid the holiday rush and cleaning the fine china. Plan a successful Thanksgiving meal, setting the table the night before to save time, with tips from an event coordinator in this free video on holiday parties.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why You Should Use A Commercial Cleaning Service

The most popular reason that businesses hire a commercial cleaning service is because they want to save countless hours not having to vacuum the floors, steam clean the carpets, do the dusting, wash the windows, tidy office desks or take out the trash themselves. There are many advantages in hiring a professional service, and the choice depends on your own personal requirements and preferences. For example, you may favor that the company you employ only utilize environmentally safe "green" eco-friendly cleaning products.
Hiring a reliable and experienced cleaning firm can be a straightforward process if you keep the following questions in mind.
1. Does the cleaning company offer competitively priced rates and, if so, are they in your price range?
2. Is the company insured, and do they perform criminal background checks on all of their cleaning crew employees? Do they carry a third party Theft Bond Request?
3. Does each employee have formal training in their chosen area of expertise?
4. Does the company provide a satisfaction guarantee with every job?
5. Is the company listed in the Better Business Bureau and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification? How long have they been involved in the cleaning industry for?
Essentially, you are attempting to determine if the company you have chosen has a solid and dependable reputation. By asking questions such as those above, you will be able to ensure that there are no hidden surprises. All trustworthy cleaning services should provide a wide-ranging list of services that cover the main office areas, including meeting rooms, kitchen and bathroom areas, all work desk areas, windows, furniture and flooring (wood, tile, carpeting, or a combination of all of them).
Security is a major issue for any business needing to hire a cleaning company. If you are trusting people you do not know to enter your premises and clean everything, you need to make sure that they are upright, dependable and, above all, honest. To do so, you must be able to locate a cleaning crew that provides comprehensively thorough employee references, as well as finding out if all of their employees have undergone full criminal background checks. If you pick a reputable cleaning service, you won't have any misgivings or second thoughts about handing over door keys and security codes for your property.
When it comes to payment, major credit cards are typically the most accepted form of payment. The fee structure of each service may vary. Some charge an hourly rate while others have a set fee for all of their services. A number of businesses necessitate a pre-payment process for one-time services, while payments done via an annual contract are typically expected at the time of service. It is worth keeping in mind that, in exchange for signing a commercial contract that lasts an entire year, many office and house cleaning services will offer discounted rates.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quick Showing Day Cleaning Routine!

Here's the second part of our moving series and in this video we focus on some handy tips and tricks to stay clean while showing your home - this is our quick showing day routine!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Germ Free Work Environment

If you are the manager in an office work place, then you most likely know how fast bacteria and illness can multiply among workers. It appears that the more workers there are in an office, the more chance a virus or the flu will distribute faster than you can imagine.
More health issues results in more worker absences and slowed down efficiency. For this reason it is critical to maintain a healthy office environment by keeping it as clean and as free of germs as possible.
If you are responsible for employing expert cleaning employees or services for cleaning the office building then be sure the cleaners use their germ-killing solutions in every single room and toilet within the office. Teach them the way you want these places cleaned so there is no problem regarding cleanliness. Additionally, check their work regularly to be sure they are doing a good job.
If your workplace is in a larger business building, one that you only rent a small business office for your company, you can still look after the cleaning services in the bathroom areas and in your personal office, and report any indications of neglect to the building's manager.
Bathroom and kitchen cleanliness
In the bathroom and kitchen parts of an office, there needs to be constant cleaning to guarantee a germ free setting. The sink and door handles and mirrors really should be wiped down with a good organic cleaner. Toilets need to be washed thoroughly. If your office has a personal kitchen or break room, you may want to designate cleaning tasks to your workers to keep it nice and clean every single day. If everyone pitches in or takes turns with this task, it will not be a problem to keep the kitchen really clean.
Office Cleaning
Provide workers an additional fifteen minute break just for organizing their desk once a week or so. This will help keep workstations organized and arranged. Get your employees to keep their desks free of mess so the after-hours cleanup team can perform their job completely.
Furthermore, offer each worker a container of hand sanitizer to have at their place of work for them to keep their hands free of bacteria while dealing with documents and office tools during the day. This will help reduce the distribution of germs, especially during the flu season. Put reminder signs near the kitchen and bathroom entrances regarding washing hands and cleanliness.
Electronic devices can hold germs if unclean and dirty. Use a risk-free cleaning remedy, like an electronic cleaner, to get to all the difficult areas without doing harm to your electronic gadgets. Electronic cleaners are made to clean without doing harm to cables or various other electric parts. These may also be used as a keyboard cleaner and as a home electronic cleaning solution.
Computer keyboards are used by employees all day long every single day. Keeping keyboards thoroughly clean will help stop the multiplication of germs through the entire office. Make sure you clean fax equipment, phones, printing machines as well as other devices regularly with a cleaning solution during cold season.
If workers frequently have drink and food at their work area, make certain they realize it has to be cleaned on a daily basis of any food particles. Ask them to use spillage proof storage containers, and request that they not dispose of food items in their desk trash can. Drink and food storage containers should instead be discarded in the kitchen garbage can.
Office and electronic cleaners can be bought on the Internet so if you would like stock your office with cleaning products make sure you shop around online for the best offer. Really encourage your workers to take a few added steps on a daily basis to keep their workplace thoroughly clean and free of viruses and germs.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 Steps to a Cleaner Bathroom!

I know it is not always easy to keep a clean bathroom, and if it is messy...where do you even start? Enter this video! Here are 5 simple steps you can take, right now (yes!) to get yourself a cleaner bathroom. No matter how clean or messy it is to begin with, these 5 simple steps will have a major impact on the cleanliness and feeling of serenity in your bathroom. I dare you to try them! Enjoy :D.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Keep Your Space Tidy With Professional Cleaning Services

At some point everyone has walked into an office building and instantly felt surrounded by something off-putting. Regardless of the reasons for visiting, leaving as soon as possible becomes a top priority. A quick glance at the dirty carpet or smelling stale air reveals how a business feels about cleanliness, and how they feel about cleaning services. No one wants to be surrounded by dirt and grime, especially when entering a professional environment. It feels unprofessional, and worse, unhealthy. Who would want to conduct business while worrying about how germ ridden and dirty everything is?
It's easy to picture that dirty office. The feelings that come with it are all too familiar and leave a bad taste in the mouth. Now picture the opposite, walking into an immaculate office building. The floors are cleaned and buffed, the services are spotless, every piece of furniture is in its proper place, and it just smells like a comfortable place. The people in this place have hired cleaning services. It's easy to tell just by opening the door, and your time inside feels productive and important, not wasted.
From a job to our family, we're extremely busy beings. We hustle and bustle around, touching and moving everything in our paths. We spread germs and make things dirty. Although it's often overlooked, we rely on cleaning services to give us a productive, healthy environment.
Everything from life gets carried into the office. Someone's kid has the flu, and it puts half of the staff out of work for a week. Someone changes a car tire on the way to work and drags the oil, grease and sweat onto the floor and into the bathroom. The nervous new employee spills his soup all over the common room's floor and just lays some paper towels down to cover it up.
It boils down to productivity and health. In the office environment, those two things create success or failure. In the not-so-clean office, the little everyday realities build up and create an atmosphere of waste and neglect. No one wants to work in a dirty building, and no one wants to do business in a dirty building. Imagine walking into a place where everyone was coughing, trudging through a wet spot on the carpet on the way to a meeting, only to go into the bathroom to find a black oily sink. It can ruin a day.
The other office building, though, has the opposite effect. The floors of the foyer feel professional to walk on. The receptionist's desk is spotless. Everyone seems to be happily working, and the bathroom is impeccable. Cleaning services have clearly been everywhere the night before, setting everything back into its place and cleaning all the little imperfections that make us human. Lives are still hectic, and everyone is just as busy, but everyone's time feels important and useful. A clean office is a productive office, and it makes all the difference.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh & Clean!

Quick DIY Air Fresheners to make your home smell great!

Part of having a clean home is having a clean SMELLING home! Here are some of my favourite little tips and tricks for helping to spruce up the scent of your space. All of these methods cost next to nothing, take almost no time to do, and have a huge impact. Whether you are looking to deodorize a space or add in a fresh, gentle scent, I've got you covered.