Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Wash Windows : Cleaning Window Screens

Watch a seasoned professional demonstrate how to clean window screens in this free online video about window washing.

Expert: Christopher Lyman

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Cut Your Cleaning Time!

Life is busy and any time we can spend NOT cleaning is valuable time! In this video we talk about a few quick and easy tips to help you spend less time cleaning and more time doing other things!

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Clean and Sanitize the Kitchen

Cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen is easy, effective, and inexpensive, because everything you need is likely in your kitchen!

Step 1: Put things away
Put away all food, dishes, silverware, and small appliances.

Step 2: Remove all food and soil particles
Remove all food particles and other soil types that are visible on surfaces using a sponge, soap, and warm water.

Step 3: Clean handles
Wipe down all cupboard knobs, refrigerator door handles, and stove handles with fresh soapy water.

Step 4: Re-wipe with bleach
Wipe down the same surfaces, this time with one capful of household bleach in a gallon of clean, lukewarm water.

Mixing soap and bleach together can be toxic. Mixing bleach with soap and food particles also lessens its effectiveness.

Step 5: Wipe dry
Allow all food contact surfaces to dry, or dry them with a clean, dry towel.

Step 6: Clean cutting boards
Clean and sanitize plastic cutting boards in a dishwasher or with soapy water, and then sanitize with straight vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

Don't put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher.

Step 7: Clean sponges
Clean sponges by wetting them and putting them in a microwave for one minute or running them through a dishwasher cycle. Never microwave a dry sponge.

Did You Know?
Each year over 550 food-borne illnesses are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of which are attributed to restaurants

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

5 Steps to a Cleaner Bedroom!

I know, it can be tough to keep your room clean. I face the struggle too! Here are 5 simple steps I've devised to help you find your way to a cleaner bedroom. We're not going for perfection here, we're going for simple and manageable things you can do each week to help keep a clean room. I hope you love the video and find it helpful!

I have some other videos on the subject which I've linked for you as well. Keeping your room clean is certainly a hot topic 'round here!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How To Choose The Right Janitorial Service Or Office Cleaning Service

If you are a working individual with hectic schedule or you are efficiently running an organization, you may need cleaning services from skilled janitors. Obtaining the best cleaning services is sometimes a difficult task since you employ an organization just to realize later that they are not up to the assignment.

Internet is the best source to find janitorial companies offering cleaning services using popular search engines. This is the easiest way because you simply enter your area code or zip code and town to find a directory listing of office cleaning and janitors businesses. With the help of local search engines, clients get to read reviews from clients who have utilized janitor services in the past. The comments made by a client shows if they were satisfied because a client has to spend decent time to post such comment. is a broadly utilized online resource to find service providers or companies. To get the professional office cleaning and janitorial services, simply log on to the web portal and search for companies or service providers offering janitorial services in your area or post your requirement as a project. Numerous cleaning firms have registered on Portal. Since you want to get cleaning services in a short time, you could search on that portal by simply entering city and locality where you are looking for janitors offering services. Another advantage with this site is that a lot of cleaners offer discounts and different coupons on their pages which allows customers to save on the services.

Think about your requirements and plans including duration before hiring a janitorial organization in your area. A few customers might need office cleaning while others employ cleaners to do home cleaning. Some individuals need floor coverings and windows cleaned while some need washroom cleaned. Employed janitors generally provide several types of cleaning services that are negotiated before hiring them or starting new contract.

An exceptional cleaning organization must have enough skilled staff. Make inquiries on how they screen and select staff to work on customer's premises. Make sure that janitorial organization has enough liability insurance so that there is no risk. Also check into the background of janitorial staff working in your home and office to ensure that they are clean from criminal records. They must have related experience to do the required cleaning job in your home and office.

A janitorial organization that has predefined cleaning techniques for quality outcomes is a great sign to think about. For instance, an exceptional cleaning organization must have an agenda before they set out on a cleaning job. This will remind them to carry all necessary tools and equipments required to carry out the cleaning task. Ask cleaners what they do if the set benchmarks have not been met or in the event that the client grumbles.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salty Cleaning Secrets! Cleaning with Salt!

We've talked about all sorts of common household cleaning products like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and even lemons - so in this video we're shining our cleaning spotlight on SALT - which is a great cleaning solution for cutting boards, cast iron pots and pans, stainless steel items and red wine stains!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why Hiring Janitorial Services For Your Office Cleaning Makes Sense

Many business owners, hoping to save a few bucks, will try to tackle all of the issues of the office themselves, including the cleaning and maintenance. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? Well, there are many answers to that question. They all point to the fact that even in a down economy it can be very economical and very beneficial to outsource things like janitorial services and other tasks not directly related to the running of your business.

Your Time is Valuable

Even though you or someone on your staff could do the office cleaning-scrubbing the bathrooms, taking out all the trash, keeping the windows and break room clean-the truth is that your time is valuable and so the time of your employees is valuable to you in terms of what they can produce. You can earn much more profit working specifically to improve your business than you can by spending hours trying to maintain the office cleanliness.

You specialize in being the best and most efficient at your type of business and janitorial companies specialize in being the best and most efficient in performing janitorial services. They can get and keep your office clean quicker than you can, which actually saves you money in big picture.

Outsourcing means sticking to your particular specialty instead of spreading your resources too thin. You and your team are free to develop your products, your relationships with clients, etc instead of spending time with a toothbrush polishing out the tile grout!

Janitorial Services Know the Cleaning Process Better

Even though you or your employees may think you know the best way to clean and maintain the office, janitorial services specialize in this process having tested out the right cleaning products and cleaning routines.

You can save yourself from worry, knowing that the specialists are taking care of your facility. Plus if you are unhappy with the quality of a certain service it is much easier to find a new service than it would be to fire an in-house employee whose performance is not living up to your cleaning standards.

Save Money for Your Business Goals

We have already established that it does not make much sense for you to be doing the office cleaning yourself, but what about hiring on a few full or part time employees to take care of the janitorial services? Won't this end up saving you money over hiring out the facilities maintenance? In reality, you will end up spending more money on employees who offer no substantial benefit to your main business aims.

With janitorial services companies, you pay for the office cleaning fees, period. Retaining your own janitors means paying health and retirement benefits, as well as vacation and sick-pay time. Outsourcing these needs makes much more sense financially now and in the future.

You can put all that money you would have been spending on in-house cleaners toward the core goals of your business establishment. A janitorial service can offer your business cost savings, expertise, and peace of mind about the state of your facilities day in and day out.

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