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Sparkling Facility Management Depends Upon Efficient Janitor Services

Facility Maintenance has developed into a professional business and bigger organizations have separate departments looking after the janitor service. Though earlier office cleaning was perceived to be a domestic chore and low skilled job, the need to ensure cleanliness and regular maintenance has brought this function to the forefront in Office and Facility administration.
Companies, Factories and specially hotels, hospitals and airports which cater to a huge populace employ services of janitors to maintain their entire facilities and provide all sorts of cleaning and maintenance services including cleaning carpets, windows, cleaning furniture, ensuring dust free interiors, maintaining the landscape, lighting, electrical installations, managing security systems, pest control, air-conditioning and many more such services.
Today due to the shift in the business outlook to outsourcing non core areas, that every company employ, these services are outsourced to service providers who specialize in this area. One can find a host of vendors who offer janitorial services. However one has to be very careful in checking out and verifying the credentials of the vendor company and its operations before enlisting their services.
Why is it so important to qualify a cleaning service? The reasons are many. The workers working on your facility who belong to the vendor will have access to the entire building including all important places where you keep business information and records besides other valuables in terms of physical assets as well as valuable information and sophisticated equipment, computers etc. Pilferage can be in the form of theft of valuables, physical assets, data, records and all forms of assets belonging to the company. One cannot supervise the people employed by the contracting company, hence care must be taken to choose a vendor who has sufficient management expertise and has team with long standing good record and effective supervision and management control over operations and people. Using fly by night operators would be the last thing that one would want to entertain.
A smart strategy is to ensure that you do not outsource all services to one service provider. Rather break down the entire requirement and search for the best vendors in each area of operations. Those vendors who focus on security services as their core competence may not have the required depth of expertise to manage other janitorial services.
The best way to choose would be to make a list of points to be used for vendor evaluation. Coupled with this site audits, using references and meeting with vendor's operations team would help you get a feel of the vendor's capability and help you choose the appropriate one. Remember their efficiency helps you maintain your efficiency.

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10 Back-to-School Cleaning & Organizing Tips! (Clean My Space)

It's that time of year where we start thinking about back to school and in this spirit we thought we'd assemble a few tips and tricks to help make back-to-school a little more clean and organized!

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Small Spaces: Cleaning Kit! (Clean My Space)

In setting up a new home, getting a new set of cleaning supplies is often part of the moving process. But as you start unpacking and settling in, it’s amazing how quickly your storage space starts to dwindle.

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Cut Your Costs With Janitorial Services

Taking care of your own cleaning services may initially seem like it is a great money saving idea, but in the long run, you may actually be able to save money if you use an external janitorial services contractor instead. There are a number of good reasons why using external contractors can actually help to save you money.
Janitorial services providers have the experience necessary to run your janitorial and cleaning services. This means that they will already know about many of the challenges that they will face, and they will understand how to overcome them. For example, if you experienced vandalism and graffiti at your property, you may not know the best way to deal with it straight away, but an employee from an external janitorial company will have all of the know-how, the resources and the support network necessary to deal with it. Whilst it is likely that you would eventually work out how to overcome these challenges, not knowing the answer straight away could cost you valuable time and resources. Even everyday scenarios can be tackled more quickly by people who already have strong janitorial experience.
Janitorial services providers also already have a wide range of resources available to them. This means that you can save money on not having to buy resources that you will rarely use. As experts, they will also have a proper resource control strategy, meaning that they will know the right time to order more resources, so that you will never be caught short of resources when you need them. The best external companies will already have the connections required to purchase the best resources at the best prices, meaning that they can then pass these savings on to you. Using these resources will help to ensure that you get the best possible services from the contractor.
Cut employment costs
Hiring an external company to take care of your services can help to reduce the employment costs associated with employing your own caretaking staff. Complying with human resources legislation can incur costs, and can take up a lot of time, but if you hire an external company to take care of your services, they will be responsible for these things. Saving time and money on following employment legislation will help you to reduce your overall running costs. This also helps to save time and money on the recruitment and induction process which is required when a new member of staff is hired.

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6 Things You Should Know About Your Dryer! (Clean My Space)

Your dryer is 50% of the laundry equation and there are things about it that you need to know (and probably don't). In this video, we uncover these dryer secrets and by the time you're done watching, you'll be even BETTER equipped to do your laundry. Enjoy!

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Up to 200,000 bacteria live in dirty kitchen sponges

While kitchen sponges are generally cleaning tools, they can also be disease carriers if neglected, experts said.

According to microbiologist Dr. Windell Rivera, sponges, typically used to clean plates and utensils, are moisture absorbent in nature, making them not only effective tools to wash dishes, but also prone to bacterial build-up.

''Gustong-gusto lagi ng bacteria na tumira sa ganoong (moist) environment... kumpara mo sa isang toilet seat o kaya sa basurahan (Bacteria love moist environments like toilet seats and garbage cans),'' he explained.

In fact, Rivera added, up to 200,000 microorganisms could be thriving inside a kitchen sponge.

He said a handful of harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus, could be hiding in dirty sponges.

These bacteria are known to cause food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, and cholera, which, according to the Department of Health, rank among the top foodborne illnesses in the country.

''Normally 'yung mga mikrobyo manggagaling sa source kung saan mo ginagamit 'yung utensils (Normally these microbes come from utensils used for food preparation),'' Rivera said.

Rivera warns the public to be aware of sanitary measures because sponges could transfer bacteria to utensils.

The greater danger, he added, is when these utensils further contaminate food which humans consume.

Experts warn the public to always clean sponges before use, as it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria and chances of contracting disease.